Living In Small Town or In A Big City Essay Example

Living In Small Town or In A Big City Essay Example
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📌Published: 02 May 2021

We all have different preferences of what we like in our lives. This preferences are the base of what we choose to have and do in life. One factor of this preferences is that we have the choice to live in a big city or a small town. However I strongly believe that one choice out of this two is better than the other as it makes the other one more interesting. The better choice is to live in a small town because of its personal space and the ability to explore the opposite side of what you live in with more excitement.

When you live in a small town you have an abundant amount of personal space. As we all know personal space is a must need for any living thing. A small town doesn't have a lot of people clustered together and for that reason you can go outside without a worry of others being in your business. Although others may not be in your business, they will look out for one another when needed. Communities that are small tend to be more friendly and cooperative with one another. One important thing is that a small town doesn't have many tourist attractions so you won’t be getting new or more people coming to your area. A small town also doesn't have many commissions and accidents as a big city would, so you would have zero to minimum noise in your area most of the time. You would have peaceful night as well as most people don’t go out late at night nor a big amount of people work super early in the morning.

Many can argue that a small city doesn't have big theaters or amusement parks and more however there is something we don’t take into account. Many people that live in big cities have all this things at their disposal, and small towns don’t so after a while people tend to oversee this things and not pay attention to them. It will be of much more excitement if you had to plan a day to go and take a road trip to those areas. This will make the experience way better and plus you get to see more of what is outhere. Once you get back to the your small town you’ll look forward to go back to the places you liked. I can relate to this because i live in a small town and i as well have gone to a big city and stayed their for a while. When I was in the big city, Houston, you don’t get the urge to go many places, yet when I was going for just a few days or less you get the excitement to go to places and enjoy them while you can.

Living in a small town is superior than living in a big city as it fits many preferences of people. If you’re looking for personal space and getting more excitement in big city places the living in small cities is the way.

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