Lord of the Flies: Civilization vs. Savagery Essay Example

Lord of the Flies by William Golding explores social order, indicates how in social hierarchies people are commonly mistreated and unfairly misrepresented. Golding explores Civilisation which is represented by the conch as Ralph is elected leader of the boys, through the power of the shell Ralph allows the boys all equal rights giving them free opinion and speech. Having prioritising being rescued come first. Vs Savagery, despite being from different social classes each individual has the potential to commit vicious acts. Savagery over taking the boys, mistaking Simon as “the beast” stabbing and beating Simon’s body until death in a frenzy. Loss of Innocence is portrayed in the novel as the boys slowly develop into bloodthirsty savages. Being their only hope the boys are forced to quickly grow up being situated in traumatic events during Jack and Ralph’s feud for power. The novel shows the Struggle to rebuild a civilisation, where people start disobeying rules to do their own thing. Positioning himself as chief, Jack rules off others' fears opposing Ralph's rules to create his own democracy, where on the Island he holds the most power. Value for social equality for everyone having the same freedom rights, no one being superior for letting the inferior ones not have a say in what they believe. Golding shows people are likely to change having too much freedom. Chaos will rise leading to tragedies, people will not be afraid of the consequences of the aftermath when there is no one to  enforce rules. Jack needs some serious therapy, a psycho in the making being the first to lose his innocence. The most obnoxious character that made me want to drop the novel entirely. The readers will bear the weight of the characters' problems as one problem slowly unfolds into another. As the characters are unaware of the effects of death of characters Simon and Piggy, you might pity them for being forced to mature too quickly. Jack being all too aware of the consequences. These readers carry those guilt of the tragedy shedding emotion as they progress throughout the novel. The ending was not satisfying as only Ralph came to realise the consequences of the murders that unfolded in front of him, partaking in one. Simon’s death. A society will not remain if there is no one to apply the rules, with order there must be consequences.

Civilisation vs Savagery; Civilisation symbolises Life and Order representing Good shown through Ralph. Savagery symbolising Death, and Fear representing Bad shown through Jack. Being Stranded on an island, how long could you last? Ralph, being elected by the boys, becomes leader of the boys on the island. Suggesting the best option is being rescued. Waiting to be rescued he attempts to build a democracy of his own with the help of his loyal advisor Piggy as he first introduces the conch to Ralph. Where they come to build a civilization. Being the most rational one among the boys he follows the rules one of like an authoritative figure. As they start building shelters the need for fire occurs to them “His specs...burning glasses”(pg40)  Upon the early stages of the new democracy in their civilisation Piggy glasses are used to light the fires for being rescued. Being left alone in freedom the boys slowly start losing sense of mind abandoning the rules of democracy. Savagery is shown through Jack. Thinking he’s superior having achieved many things coming from a private school, and is seen as a bully who constantly bullies those weaker than him such as Piggy. He shows readers how violent people can be, being the first  to lose his innocence and shows his true colours after having his first taste of killing. Slowly unwinding into the elements of freedom gaining a lust for blood. “Who’ll join my tribe?”(pg151) Jack bribes over the littluns with food and play abandoning Ralph and his attempts of getting rescued and gaining power he’d been craving for.


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