Lowering the Voting Age to 16 Essay Example

Lowering the Voting Age to 16 Essay Example
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📌Published: 02 May 2021

I think that the age of voting should be instantly changed to 16 and here is my three reasons why.It is absurd to not consider voting ages to be this low because why don't we want more people voting? If more people vote than that's for the better of things.Everything about politics and presidential voting would be more likely talked about in civil conversations.Also, if younger teenagers vote, it might effect them in a way to make them proud or maybe even grownup.It could make them feel more independent and free to speak about politics.It is extremely uncomfortable to talk about the personal subject, politics when your under the age of 18.There are so many different opinions and can easily turn from a civilized conversation, to a fight.When your under age 18 politics shouldn't matter to you, you cant even vote. It is important to know about politics around maybe 16-17 because your about to be able to vote.But most exposed people under 18 understand politics don't matter to them, so they don't recognize or care about it.But sometimes, it can slip into a personal conversation.At that critical time it is extremely awkward, because you don't know how or what to talk about.So, why cant we radically alter that.It will produce people to want to know more about politics at a youthful age.All of the say, 14 year old kids will be looking forward to voting in 24 months.Therefore, that is one of my critical arguments for this topic, but allow me to get on with the next one.Many nations actually vote at 16.Almost all UK countries vote at 16, like Wales and Scotland. But the main countries that vote at 16 are in the south/central North America region.Including places like Brazil and Puerto Rico.Why cant we be like them?It seems to be, that there voting is much for efficient then are system.And for my last argument, I can agree with the fact that 16 represents a relatively youthful age.But by 16 most people are mature enough to have there own opinion on politics.When your 16, you still listen to your parents of course.But, at the same time aren't a baby any more. You don't follow every single slight thing that they say. And with that, those scarcely attend my three reasons on why voting age should be changed to 16, whats the political conclusion that you have come around to believe? Do you agree or disagree?

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