Making a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Essay Example

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  • Published: 10 May 2021
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The peanut butter and jelly sandwich was first invented by a woman named Julia Davis Chandler in the Boston Cooking School Magazine of Culinary Science and Domestic Economics. Like always the food didn’t shoot off the charts at first but was actually used by the soldiers in WW2. The peanut butter was a high protein ingredient and was very portable and they already used grapelade in WW1 so they added the high protein peanut butter and the sweet grape jelly for a nice meal during the war. When the soldiers came home from war that's when the concept of the sandwich blew up. Kids loved the taste of it and the parents liked how easy it was to make it and that the kids could do it by themselves. It also was popular with college students because of how cheap and easy it was.

The Peanut butter and jelly sandwich has changed many times over the years with all the new flavors coming out. The first jelly they used on the sandwich was crab-apple jelly. Now we have a huge variety of jellies and peanut butter to choose from, even the bread type is a big factor. 

To start making your peanut butter and jelly sandwich you are going to need two slices of bread preferably white bread because of its soft texture. Secondly you are going to need to get some peanut butter and a knife. There are two types of peanut butter to use, there is chunky peanut butter and creamy. The chunky peanut butter has small nuts mixed in with the peanut butter. While on the other hand creamy is just plain peanut butter. It’s your choice but I would go with creamy peanut butter. You’re going to want to grab your knife and scoop some peanut butter and lather the peanut butter on both slices of bread. You want to have a good layer so none of the jelly will seep through the bread. For the last step you want to get a jelly, now there are so many types of jelly but I would use the good ole fashion grape jelly made by smuckers. You don’t want to put a lot so it will stay in the sandwich, so maybe just a spoon full. And the last step is to put it together and enjoy!


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