Malala Yousafzai Essay Example

Malala Yousafzai Essay Example
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It only takes one person to make a change. Malala Yousafzai gave a powerful speech at the United Nations about her goals and the obstacles she had to courageously overcome to achieve her vision of positive change that resulted in shocking international popularity. Yousafzai seems to mesmerize the world by using her voice to speak up for the educational rights of her country and many more. 

Malala was determined for herself and everyone else to receive the endless amount of education that they deserve. In her speech, she explains that terrorists who had invaded her country did not support the goal she was set on achieving and reacted with violence; yet, she continued to say, “I want education for the sons and daughters of the Taliban and all terrorists and extremists (Malala Yousafzai “Speech at the United Nations”).” Though it may seem that her response to the Taliban, the terrorist group, was intended to get under their skin, it shows she genuinely hopes that everyone obtains knowledge no matter who they are or what they do. Malala then later shared some interesting thoughts with Diane Sawyer during an interview in which she described her conflicted emotions when coming to the Taliban along with what actions she should take.  She said if one of the men attempted to attack her, she would respond by telling him she wants his daughter to receive an education. Again, this response reveals that her goal is to ensure everyone has an education thus resulting in one of the many ideas that gain support from her audience.

Additionally, Yousafzai elaborates on the statement she made saying how she will not let fear stand in her way of standing up for education. She shares with her audience the horrific shooting - that she suffered from with a bullet wound in her forehead - by the Taliban that was aimed for her and her friends in efforts of trying to get them to back down out of fear; however, Malala responds to this act of violence by saying, “They thought that the bullets would silence us. But they failed (Malala Yousafzai “Speech at the United Nations”).” This failed attempt by the extremists not only made Malala’s character stronger, but also helped show her courage and the length she is willing to go for obtaining knowledge which leads to the admiration of the public.  Another example in which her courage was shown was during Malala’s interview with Sawyer about the chaotic incident, and Malala proceeded to say, “On the day when I was shot, all of my friends' faces were covered, except mine.” This statement that Malala made shows that violence doesn't phase her when coming to education which, again, intrigues the people.

Lastly, looking back at some of the obstacles that Malala has faced, they all circle back to the importance of education. The extremists in Malala’s country are terrified of women and children receiving an education because they fear the power they might hold some day; furthermore, the Taliban acted on their own fear by killing or harming innocent people who were only trying to learn. Malala responded to these horrifying actions by explaining that her people must stand up against this terrorism with books and pens because “they are the most powerful weapons” and asked everyone to “empower oursleves with the weapon of knowledge.” Malala’s response is telling her audience that the only way for them to end the harsh treatment is through words, pens, and paper - education. These responses lead up to one powerful quote Malala says before ending her speech at the United Nations: “Education is the only solution. Education First.” By sharing her stories of the brutality being shown towards the people in her country, Malala is able to stress the significance of education. Additionally, Malala shares in the interview with Diane Sawyer that she has written a book called I am Malala in hopes of spreading her message and her story along with awareness in hopes that others too will raise their voice for education. This is another great example of Malala explaining the importance of education through her past, not only to her people but to everyone all over the world. Sharing her personal experiences with the world touched the hearts of many which resulted in the support and publicity that she has received. 

Malala has intrigued many people through her efforts of securing knowledge for everyone. Her determination, bravery, and reasons behind the importance of education warmed the hearts of many internationally; in result, she was and still is praised for her valiant deeds in obtaining educational rights for women and girls all over the globe. Be the voice that changes the world.

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