Male Friendship Theme in Of Mice and Men Essay Sample

Male Friendship Theme in Of Mice and Men Essay Sample
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📌Published: 17 April 2021

Of Mice and Men is a very great and interesting book. It touches plenty of subjects.  The book has two main characters, George and Lennie, George being the smart one while Lennie is a little bit slower. But that doesn’t stop them from being friends. It was my favorite book because of how it portrayed the best Male Friendship, the hardships of the American Dream, and the way it showed fear. 

In Of Mice and Men it showed the best male friendship. It showed it multiple times with Lennie and George, especially when they had to make a run for it from Weed.  George no matter how hard he acted to seem like he didn’t like Lennie, George always did and Lennie was very important to George. Steinback argues that “a guy needs somebody”, even when society seems to value or demand solitude or independence. This book is a good example of the ideal male friendship because when Lennie got in trouble George always stayed with him anyway.

The hardships of the American dream are shown in Of Mice and Men a couple of times. It is shown when George and Lennie want a piece of land, where nobody can hurt them, rob them, or tell them what to do. Curley’s Wife tells Lennie about her dreams of being an actress and living a more exciting life. Crooks even dreamt about tending a garden, similar to George. What makes all these dreams “American” is that they want to follow their desires, and be able to sustain themselves, and have their freedom. This book showed the American dream very well.

In Of Mice and Men fear is shown in many ways.  George and Lennie had to run away from Weed because Lennie was gonna be lynched. After all, some girl thought she was getting raped. When George and Lennie got to the ranch Lennie could sense something was off and wanted to go. Candy feared the same death as his dog since he was getting old. Fear is a significant part of the middle class’s life. Curley’s wife once stated all men are “scared of each other” which is why men normally don’t have too many friends. It is a nice book and it shows fear very well.

Those are the reasons Of Mice and Men is my favorite book. The reasons are the Best Male friendship, the hardships of the amazing American Dream, and how it showed fear throughout the book. That is why Of Mice and Men is my favorite book.

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