Marcus Brutus and His Involvement in The Death of Julius Caesar

Marcus Brutus and His Involvement in The Death of Julius Caesar
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For this case, I will be defending Marcus Brutus and ensuring his innocence in his involvement in the death of Julius Cesar. My client made a noble and patriotic decision for the greater good of the citizens of Rome, and had the intentions of DEFENSE, not cold-blooded murder. Throughout this trial, do not forget that without his bravery and courage, we would all be brought deeper into the oppressive dictatorship of Julius Caesar. 

On Caesar's final night, Brutus, Cassius Longinus, and Casca planned the death of Julius Caesar, and eventually stabbed him to death. Hearing this sentence alone may provoke thoughts against Brutus t, but think again. Julius Caesar was threatening to become a dictator and destroy the Republic of Rome as we know it. Years were spent building this country, this economy, and the livelihood of our citizens. If Longinus and Casca did not convince Brutus to assassinate Caesar, who knows what the quality of Rome would’ve turned into. Can you imagine being in the position of my client, what is the best choice for the sake of millions of citizens. Would you rather risk the lifestyle and general maintenance of millions, or ensure safety by putting a fairer, less power-hunger leader to lead the country. 

The majority of the evidence shown is proving itself to defend Brutus. Multiple statements of former-Senator Casca, but especially this one, showcases Brutus’s initial reluctance to be a part of the assassination plan because of his loyalty to Caesar, “I was with Cassius when we went to Brutus’ house on March 14, 44 BC. Brutus did not want any part of the plan to kill Caesar, but Cassius finally convinced him that it was his duty as a citizen and a senator of Rome to stop this tyrant from destroying the Republic.” To further expand on this, Brutus was INFLUENCED to execute Caesar, and was strongly against the idea, because he once saw Caesar as an ally. Why would he try to cold-bloodedly murder his best friend and favored ally, for sole  personal reasons, when it’s evident that he initially had no negative emotions or tension towards Caesar. My second piece of evidence from the witnesses is from none other than the ghost of Caesar himself. You may be wondering, how can Caesar confess his executioner’s innocence? Well in the direct quote, “I then gave myself the title, Dictator and launched a series of political and social reforms for the country. I only had the good of the country in mind.” The key word in his sentence is “dictator.” According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of dictator is “One ruling in absolute and often oppressive way.” Consequently, he called himself out on that one, and it practically proves to itself why Brutus had the absolute right to feel the strong need to defend his country. 

Marcus Brutus does not deserve any punishment in the slightest bit. ⅘ of the witnesses of Julius Caesar’s death have direct evidence and quotes that prove that my client was only looking for the greater good of his country. He is a loyal friend and patriot, and despite his personal friendship with Caesar, did what he believed would protect his beloved city-state of Rome. He even has expressed great regret for his act of defense, despite knowing that he truly did the right thing. I have no doubt in my mind that Marcus Brutus deserves to walk freely. To close up, to the Jury, I am asking you to carefully consider the prominent side of Marcus Brutus that has been evident to show empathy, patriotic pride, and the extent of what he would truly do for the country he cares about remarkably. 

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