Master of Arts in School Psychology at Bowie State University Admission Essay

“My life is full of surprises,” honestly, I never considered pursuing a career in  school psychology. However, each surprise has led me to a strong desire to continuously seek curiosity. My journey through undergraduate studies has driven me to find an interest in supporting students' capacity to learn and teachers' ability to guide students through self-discovery. With that said, I initially gravitated to the field of education for undergraduate studies. My interest to pursue a degree in school psychology was largely contributed to my experiences working in public schools as a support staff in the classroom. During those intimate encounters I noticed students’ emotional and social well-being profoundly affected their academic performance. Clueless at the time of how the process to support students worked in a public-school setting, I was astonished when the school psychologist was called in place of the mental health counselor. This was one of my first encounters that brought awareness to my limited understanding of the school psychologist profession. Having worked in a classroom witnessing students' behaviors detract them from learning, ignited my unexpected interest in school psychology. My undergrad studies were paramount to building an understanding of the roles all stake’ holders contribute to the inter working of the school system.

If given the opportunity, I plan to study and research teen dating violence and the effects it imposes on adolescents' social, emotional, and academic development. I am eager to expand and refine my learning in evidence-based research, by applying knowledge to practice. In addition to furthering my comprehension of evidence-based research, the program will offer the opportunity to learn tangible skills that will help me navigate and facilitate a vast range of methodologies that encompasses crisis support. This framework is essential to expanding my understanding of the role and expectations of a school psychologist. I am also looking forward to gaining hands on experience on how to cultivate and strengthen connections between home, school, and the community.  As well as, coping strategies to combat against in field stressors.

 After receiving my Master in School Psychology with a Certificate for Advanced Studies, I plan to work as a School Psychologist in Baltimore City Public schools. To continue the enhancement of students' educational and mental health development, I  plan to become an active member of The Maryland School Psychologist Association (MSPA) and The National Black Child Development institute (NBCDI). Through those memberships I plan to expand my networking pool and collaborate with my peers on projects, conferences, and publications to implement policy changes. After my third year as a School Psychologist, I will apply to the Doctoral School Psychology Program at the University of Maryland College Park to further my skills in evidence-based research.

Furthermore, having social perceptions has allowed me to become a complex problem solver. By being able to understand students and peer feelings, I can efficiently identify and create solutions. Also, my ability to build meaningful relationships has helped me enhance student engagement inside the classroom and dormitory. I am a visionary! I can decide early on that no matter where a process takes me, I will see it through. This has allowed me to become flexible with navigating constant change. Especially, during these uncertain times I have adapted to receiving and facilitating modifications on a short notice. Having these skills will give me the opportunity to become a practitioner who’s devoted to implementing change and uplifting the community.

I believe the Master of Arts School Psychology Program at Bowie State University will transform my life. It will catapult me to a level of excellence well versed in severing diverse populations. This program will help me establish a strong foundation for scientific practice. In addition to providing me with the tools necessary to become a School Psychologist, I know this program will instill the importance of being a School Psychologist that cares and adheres to effective practices. Overall, this program is paramount to shaping me into a holistic practitioner.


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