MBA Admissions Essay Example

MBA Admissions Essay Example
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📌Published: 28 April 2021

Through the MBA program experience I hope to gain business literacy that will allow me to bridge the gap between marginalized communities and communal sense. I also want to gain support from fellow classmates and professors that will allow me to improve my business and professional skills. Being a leader is a natural characteristic for me but there is always room for improvement, and I know UNCG is the perfect environment for constructive criticism. My goal is for social change and be able to leverage needed resources for my community to provide chances of success. I aspire to develop a nonprofit organization to provide free workshops that educate about mental health and financial literacy for marginalized groups. These groups include adolescents from lower income families, previously incarcerated individuals, and minorities. My workshops and courses will educate individuals about financial literacy including credit, taxes, loans and annual percentage rates, to name a few. I will also implement the importance of mental health and resources for individuals to take advantage of in their community. I plan to become a 501C3 nonprofit organization and receive donations for supplies and training materials. I also want to become a financial advisor for individuals to eliminate financial risks and aid them to create wealth for themselves. Once I have my MBA, I will be about to be an asset to the community and make a positive impact. It has always been my dream to make a change in other people's lives and this is the path I need to take to follow that dream.

In previous experiences having a MBA would have been helpful in my endeavors to start up organizations and small businesses. Most groups need additional streams of income to support their efforts and I would have been able to provide that literacy. Last year I participated in a local protest to remove a confederate statue that was in downtown Graham. This was causing a division within the community and I started acting. I created a petition for the removal of the statute only to find out it had no significance in any action for the removal, however, it gave me the motivation to push others to speak up. I then spoke with Amy Gailey, who was the chairman county commissioner, and other commissioners to resolve the community division. I wanted change but unfortunately no action was taken in finding a resolution. I believe if I had a business professional experience, I would have seen a different outcome. I also would have had a strong and healthy financial leadership role in raising money for the protestors. There was a strong need for water, masks, gloves, snacks, and other necessities. I also would have had the opportunity to share information on how to afford a private lawyer to help legally push the limits and for those who were arrested during the protests. I want to be a strong and healthy financial leader for my community so we can close the societal gap. There are individuals who want to help but need someone who is educated in business and finance to make healthy financial decisions for their organizations. I plan to be one of those people.  

I am drawn to UNCG's Bryan School of Business because I am an alumnus who feels this school has not yet finished molding me to be the business professional I want to become. My experience at UNCG is just one reason why I am drawn to the Bryan School of Business, I was in an environment that was welcoming and compassionate. This department is ranked high in North Carolina and I have read great reviews about the online program. I also had a meeting with a current MBA student and, again, heard nothing but positive feedback. I was interested in receiving my MBA through an online program due to COVID and UNCG is one of the few schools that do offer this fully online. Other programs are online until schools are able to be in classrooms, but I would rather have my entire program online. Being at UNCG will allow me to grow while helping me stay connected to my local roots. I know I will excel and have opportunities for advancement with the help of this department. I am ready for a new challenge and to gain experience so I can develop needed skills to execute my goals.

I would bring my tenacity, unique mindset, and leadership to the learning community of UNCG and the Bryan School. I am a go getter, able to adapt and have a drive to unify communities. I have had positions that benefit the success in bringing communities together and providing necessities. While being a part of community activism I was asked to help prepare and pass out over 100 meals to my community with a local church. Members of the church saw my drive to unify the community and wanted me to be a part of their environment so I can spread the love and ideas on how to triumph unification. I was able to discuss the importance of community involvement and support with other members there. I also bring a multicultural lens which will allow me to reach and connect with more members of the community. I come from a diverse, low-income family and grew up with barriers that affected my academics. I had no one to guide me on how to be mentally or financially stable. Those two things can go hand in hand in the overall success of an individual. Since bridging this gap is a goal of mind, I will work my hardest to always bring my best effort and ideas that can benefit the school. My open mind and courageous drive are a couple of my best assets, I want to thrive in the UNCG community as a team.

I have been through my fair share of barriers throughout my life that have pushed me to become an overall better individual. I am a natural born leader and always have the best interest for other people. Due to this I was able to develop qualities that can be profitable in a business setting. I have the empathy and passion to become a better leader in the community to make a difference. I have been trusted in different job positions to work closely with the supervisors to better the company. I have gained skills of management throughout my jobs and from being in school. I was a person who lacked time management and would procrastinate which would leave me tired, rushed and unable to give my all in a task. Since then, I started to create schedules for myself to complete tasks and assignments, which has benefited me tremendously. I hold myself to a high standard to always remain true and genuine anytime I can influence others. I bring an unwavering voice for the underrepresented minorities who do not get the opportunity to have their voice heard. I am a person who holds ethics very close to my heart which I always express through my character. I possess the ability to understand people, so I always think of the best outcomes for everyone. I grew up in a home with a Mexican American mother, African American stepfather, and multiracial siblings, and have developed a sense of understanding when it comes to being inclusive. I always work towards my goals without exploiting anyone and always give recognition to those who help along the way. I am a do-er and lead from the front, which means I lead by example and I do not mind getting my hands dirty. My leadership style is I would never ask someone to do something I would never do myself. I see myself in the community as a leader and a voice for marginalized groups. I believe we all deserve a fair chance to succeed in this society no matter our background or physical appearance. 

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