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  • Published: 02 May 2021
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Love is,’ A feeling created when two souls are easily drawn together in life. Once together there is something created that is so beautiful and strong that people fear, admire, and envy it.” according to”. In today's society and 400 years ago, people have a misconception on what love is and should be. They think love happens overnight but no love is something that is so beautiful therefore, love is  something that takes time. Love shouldn't be rushed, it should be gradual. Don't take love to grant.

“You don’t have to rush yourself into falling in love with someone if you’re not even sure that they’re the one for you.” According to In today's society people are rushed and pressured into love. Although sometimes people truly do get attached and often think they love that person. Therefore, when the other partner doesn't have the same feelings or same emotions towards them they end up getting hurt and heartbroken. This is an example of what happened in Romeo and Juliet. Romeo ends up falling in love with Rosaline right away but Rosaline doesn't have the same feelings towards Romeo wherefore Romeo is heartbroken.

“Love should not be toyed with. It’s not a mere word, but rather a spoken declaration of passionate adoration.” according to Love is taken for granted. It's something that is tossed up and around in society today and for the past 400 years. This isn't good. Therefore love is misunderstood and misinterpreted people are desperate they don't know what love is.  In today's society and 400 years ago, young men and young women are not truly in love,  they are in love with what they see.

People are desperate for love. In today society and for generations in people's mind they think to themselves they need love. But no people are uneducated on what love is and what love is to them. According to desperate means  "having lost all hope." And people become desperate for love so much that it's such a common thing in today's society.

To conclude, love has a lot of meanings but will anyone ever know what love really is? Some people like to believe that love is floating around and it's always around. It's  whether you find out what love means to you.


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