Medical Billing and Coding Essay Outline

Medical Billing and Coding Essay Outline
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📌Published: 06 April 2021

Medical billing and coding remains to be a dynamic specialty area, with frequent changes and regulations. Coding is an important step required to submit any medical claims for patients, and these codes are required for insurance payments and reimbursements for the providers. These code sets have their own set of rules and procedures that perform as a universal language among medical providers, medical facilities, insurance companies, and multiple government agencies. Acknowledgement of (HIPPA) Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a requirement to understand the rules for this job because it protects the patient's health information from being distributed without the consent of the patient. The World Health Organization (WHO) authorizes the publication of any updates on the ICD-10 code sets of 68,000 diagnostic (ICD-10-CM) and 79,000 procedure codes (ICD-10-PCS). The (ICD-10) International Classification of Diseases codes describes a patient’s condition or injury as well as social determinants of health. CPT (current procedural terminology) is used to report medical procedures and services for processing insurance claims, conducting research, and evaluating health care utilization. This was established by the AMA (American Medical Association). HCPCS (healthcare common procedure coding system) is a standardized code system necessary for medical providers to submit health care claims to Medicare and other health insurances for medical devices, supplies, medications, transportation services, and other procedure related services.

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