Men vs Women: Nike Advertisement Analysis Essay

For the longest time, men and women have been designated specific roles to fulfill. Woman are to cook, clean, and take care of the kids. On the other hand, the role of men has been to work. Men and women have been compared on what each can or cannot do. With the passing of time, these stereotypes and comparisons have changed. Both genders are being seen as capable of doing the same things the opposite sex can do. The image is an ad by Nike promoting their brand and trying to get more people to join the Nike+ community by portraying a man and a woman running together. The ad is important because it is conveying that each gender is as good as the other. 

The background of the ad is completely black except for four glowing lines behind the runners. Each line is a different color and that includes bright pink, blue, purple and yellow. In the ad there is a man and a woman running alongside each other. The guy is wearing a blue sports jacket with black shorts. She is wearing a white sports jacket with pink and black shorts. Her position in the picture indicates that she is a bit farther ahead than he is. He appears to be looking to the side. Instead of focusing up ahead, he is glancing over at his opponent. Finally, across the middle of the ad are the words “JOIN THE MEN VS WOMEN CHALLENGE AT NIKEPLUS.COM.” 

The colors being used for the lines are a way to not make the ad lean more towards a specific gender. This can be seen by using feminine colors such as pink and purple and also using more masculine colors like blue. Another example of this is demonstrated by the man wearing blue to represent guys and her wearing pink for women. The background being black is a way to draw attention to the runners. It is making them the center of attention. The wording on the advertisement shows that both men and women can partake in the challenge. They are not trying to exclude anyone. Nike is not trying to be part of the stereotypes and norms that separate both genders. 

The ad is also attempting to show that both genders are capable of the same things. Positioning her ahead of him demonstrates how women can be just as good or even better than men. Men are not the only ones that can succeed in sports. Society has had a positive reaction to women finally being seen on the same level as men. This can be indicated by the guy paying attention to the other participant instead of ahead. He could be looking at her because he is proud of her ability. He can be observing her technique and learning from her as a way to improve himself. He is not angry of her speed but rather admiring her strength. This gives the ad a more peaceful mood by making him observe her success.  

The target audience of the advertisement is both men and women. The ad is attempting to draw the attention of both genders so they can use their products and join the community. It can be a way to let one gender know that the opposite gender is also acknowledged. This can be seen by the bold, capitalized words “Men vs Women.” The words straightforwardly let the audience know that they are both included. Although, these words can be taken negatively way, such as putting them against each other, in this perspective it can point more towards inclusion. It allows viewers to know both can participate. The two runners also let the audience know that anyone can join the Nike+ community.  

The ad is positive and inspiring. It creates less of a competitive situation between men and women. Instead, it makes it more of a partnership between both genders. It conveys how men and women can do the same things just as good as each other. Instead of feeling threatened by their accomplishments, one should be proud of them. Being just as good as the opposite gender should not be seen negatively. Men and women are both equal and cannot be pinned against each other anymore.  

Both genders are being given more of the same opportunities. The ad is bringing more awareness to men and women seeing each other as allies. One should care because the ad is attempting to break society's gender norms. It is trying to portray the idea of how working together is better. The more awareness that is brought to this topic the better. There needs to be more ads like this as there are many commercials that pick at the stereotypes between the two genders.


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