Miss Strangeworth Character Analysis

Miss Strangeworth Character Analysis
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📌Published: 11 April 2021

In “The possibility of Evil'' by Shirley Jackson, the main character Miss Strangeworth is obviously a static because in the beginning of the story, Miss Strangeworth was walking to the grocery store and said “they wanted to put a statue of Ethan Allen, but it should have been a stature of my grandfather” (1). She is greedy, judgemental, and self - centered. The author showed this by putting in details of how stubborn she was. “Miss Strangeworth never gave away any of her roses, although the tourist often asked her'' (1).  Miss Strangworth would often not think about her actions. She walked back to her house and stopped out front. She made sure her house was perfect. “ Every window sparkled, every curtain hung stiff and straight, and even the stones of the front walk were swept clean” (3). She would also be secretive. Her special note paper would be kept in a desk that was locked and the only time she would deliver her letters it would be at night so people couldn’t make out her face. Miss Strangeworth could also be nosey at times. The author makes that clear by adding “Miss Strangeworht listened carefully” (6). The next day when she woke up, she did her morning routine. She got her mail and opened an oddly familiar green envelope. She opened the envelope and pulled out a green piece of paper that said, “LOOK OUT AT WHAT USED TO BE YOUR ROSES” (7). So in conclusion, since Miss Strangworht was a mean, rotten woman who was very selfish, rude, and self-centered, she got what was coming to her. The ‘evil’ of the town destroyed her roses. Maybe if she was nicer, caring, or even humble, the evil might not have come to her. A life lesson from the story is to always be nice no matter what. If your mean or self- centered karma will come to you. 

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