Movie Review Example: Monkey Kingdom

Movie Review Example: Monkey Kingdom
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📌Published: 18 March 2021

The film Monkey Kingdom is a great movie, with a lot of funny scenes and plotlines, and some key similarities that I found in this film comparing Humans and Chimpanzees are emotions, traditions, and social groups/classes.

Firstly, both Humans and Chimpanzees have very similar types of emotions. In the film, when somebody angers the Chimps, they form together to help defend the attackers or somebody new to the group who keeps disobeying the king. When the outside group of Chimpanzees were invading their land, they had to stand their ground. Just like in humans, when we feel threatened, nervous, or anxious, we tend to stick together to help each other out in case of imminent danger. Another example of Chimpanzees having similar emotions to us would be when the Bonobos (the Chimpanzee's distant cousins) would come and visit. Young Chimpanzees would want to play with them. That is yet another example of Human and Chimpanzee similarities. We always enjoy spending time with our friends and cousins and like to see our families, even if not all the time. 

Secondly, in both species, we both celebrate traditions. For example, once every year for the Chimpanzees is known as termite day. Once a year, there are hundreds, if not thousands of Termites, and all of the Chimps and other animals get together to jump, catch, and eat the Termites. Humans are also known for traditions, such as Christmas. During Christmas, kids from all over the world open presents and stockings from Santa Claus, and have big dinners. That is why traditions are one of the many reasons that Chimpanzees and Humans have so much in common.

Lastly, a reason that both Humans and Chimpanzees are similar is that we both have social groups and classes. In the Chimpanzee's worlds, they get to eat depending on where they are in their social ranking. The king gets to eat from the top of the tree, while the queens (the sisters) are next in line to eat. Finally, the people at the very bottom get to eat whatever scraps come their way. That can apply to humans in some aspects too. The people who are born under royalty or have more things get to eat first, whereas if you aren’t born into anything, you won’t have as much and be unable to eat as much, except for the scraps that come your way.

In conclusion, a few of the main reasons Chimpanzees and Humans are so similar is because we both have similar emotional traits, we both celebrate traditions, and we both have social rankings. Those are just a few of the many reasons why Humans and Chimps are so similar, and why we have so much in common.


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