Movie Stars Should Be Good Role Model Essay Example

Movie Stars Should Be Good Role Model Essay Example
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📌Published: 18 March 2021

How a movie star should behave, is a very contentious issue. I believe that everyone despite their career choice should aspire to be a role model for future generations, however, making it obligatory for a movie star to behave in a certain way would not only be diminishing the individuality of the person but it might not necessarily be beneficial for the society. In my opinion, movie stars should be allowed to behave according to their choice for two important reasons.

First of all, one of the important lessons that we teach children is, to be honest, and genuine to themselves and the surrounding people. Expecting movie stars to not be genuine would essentially be fooling the next generation into behaving a certain way. Another point being that, the reason that movie stars who are genuinely striving for a "better world" are looked up as role models is that it is something out of the ordinary. If all the movie stars start behaving the same way then it would lead to the dilution in the inspiration that the younger generation embellishes from them.

Second of all, making it compulsory for movie stars to behave in a certain way would be a huge violation of their privacy and their right to live as 'free' individuals in a society. There are a plethora of examples from the U.S.S.R. wherein the popular and famous were made to act a certain way despite them not wanting to. The problem with expecting movie stars to act as role models is that the definition of what constitutes as a role model might change from time to time. For example, During the Chernobyl disaster the scientist in charge was expected to act as if nothing had gone wrong and in return was promised honours and medals which would make him a "role model" for future generations but him being the role model wouldn't have necessarily constituted to the benefit of the society.

In conclusion, Expecting movie stars to behave a certain way would not only be prying on the privacy of the individual but it might also be deleterious to the society as a whole. Modulating the behaviour of people might have its repercussions in the future which presently cannot be calculated, thus, the best thing to do might be to let the movie stars and sports stars decide what impact they want to have on the society.

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