Music And The Effect Of The Baroque Era Of Music

Music And The Effect Of The Baroque Era Of Music
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One of the biggest impacts in my opinion on the Baroque era of music between 1600 to 1750 was the Camerata. Due to them not only setting the trends at an early stage, but how they developed the harmony of the baroque ear. The used figured bass which caused the harmony to not focus on morality as much. Not to mention how it created a polyphonic texture due to the chords replacing the notes, which I believe is a form of tonality. Monteverdi made the switch of style of music go from the Renaissance to the Baroque style that we know of today, due to new compositions.  

One of the more social impacts of the Baroque music period would be upcoming of the centralized court. It created different types of genres of music all emerged from the need of public music. Those new genres of baroque music include operas, cantatas, and oratorios. It also brought forth a new classical style of music that changed the once simple melody to a more diverse ones that can be used on stage and to the performs advantages. Which lead to a more performers on stage and an overall more theatrical texture. Not to mention during this same time period, words in the pieces of music were changed to a more dramatic tragedy instead of the once classical church phrases and words.  

The last impact I want to mention is on the technological side of the Baroque music era. Arcangelo Corelli had a big part in the wide spread of instruments played and where the pieces of music were performed, at least in my personal thinking he did. He developed a more varied dynamic to the music, due to the alternation from soft to loud and repeating that said pattern throughout musical pieces. Lastly, during the later period of the Baroque had a change in form, due to the musical pieces having a larger impact on listeners because they were being performed in different parts of the world.  

In conclusion, the Baroque musical period has developed within itself over time. Due to the change in form, texture, harmony, melody, words, styles, genres, and dynamic aspects. It’s musical pieces and strategies have helped not only shape its own music over time, but musical we listen to today.

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