My Amazing English Experience Essay Example

My Amazing English Experience Essay Example
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📌Published: 13 March 2021

English is a class that used to give me lots of trouble. It never gave me a headache like math, but my grammar and cold read ability was in need of improvement. When I thought all hope was gone an angel of a teacher came to Central Catholic High School. With her help I was able to improve my note taking, ACT score in English, and grammar in general. This teacher was of course the great Mrs. Wallace.

When it came to note taking it was something I was not the best at. Mostly, because I didn’t have motivation to do the notes because I had a feeling they would not help me that much. Mrs. Wallace has given me two different types of ways to take notes. Cornell notes and Graphic notes are the two that are most helpful in keeping my attention to what I am reading. Cornell notes help me stay organized and on task. Otherwise, graphic note taking helps keep me engaged more with the pictures I have to draw. This is going to help me when I go on to college, and have to take notes everyday. It will help me stay engaged and organized throughout my college semesters. However, I still had another weakness when it came to English, and it was the ACT English part.

At first, I thought I would never be able to score high on the English part of the ACT. With the amount of cold reads, and very difficult grammar problems I thought I was hopeless. Then, Mrs. Wallace started doing ACT practice. With each problem and each solution she would explain to us the correct answer and most importantly why it was that answer. This helped build my English skills over time and I eventually went up in the English portion of the ACT. After that I only had one skill left that was questionable on whether it could be improved or not, and that was grammar.

Grammar was still something I struggled with, especially with comma usage. In my papers at the beginning of the year I feel like I never knew where to put commas except for after conjunctions. After this year with mugs, and all of the papers we have written I feel more confident in my grammar usage. I still have a lot of work to do regarding my grammar, and usage, but for the time being Mrs. Wallace has helped my grammar usage grow tremendously.

Mrs. Wallace has helped push me to become a better student, and to improve my ACT score. She has also helped lots of students prepare themselves mentally for college, and the challenges it will bring to the table. With her help, the next generation of English students will prevail, and become better students more fit to write great books, and to score high on the English ACT. Mrs. Wallace, in conclusion, should be nominated for a Best Teacher of the Year award. I think I can speak for most of her students when I say thank you for a great year of English, and for the preparation you helped us with throughout the year.

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