My Biggest Regret Experience Essay

My Biggest Regret Experience Essay
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📌Published: 28 March 2021

A time in my life when I did something I regret. A moment of sadness and disappointment over something that had happened. That's what we are here to discuss, to learn from the regrets in our life and hope to not make them again. There are regrets that are smaller like saying the wrong thing or purchasing an item that wasn’t needed. But there are regrets that can stay with you forever such as not saying goodbye to a loved one forever, hurting someone, or even hurting yourself. In my head, as a 10 year old child my regret seemed huge, but today it is only a little lesson I learned while growing up. 

Being the young naive child I was, innovative ideas is what I liked to call them would come and go in my head. These schemes seemed very creative to me and most importantly as a 10 year old child, I didn’t have to ask for my parents permission and thought that I didn’t need their help.. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and my parents were doing yard work all day, so my friend and I began. A desk was located near my door, on top was a 40 gallon clear tank full of water and rocks. This tank held a couple of small goldfish that I had gotten from meijers, one light orange while the other two were a darker orange. The tank was dirty and I knew I had to clean it. The innovative idea came into my head was to carry the tank outside to dump it. 

To begin moving forward with this excellent plan, I carefully moved the goldfish to its new temporary home. I had put them on the table right outside my window, allowing the fish to get some fresh air. Then the real task began, in my defence I attempted to drain the tank by filling up a smaller tupperware with water. That obviously was going to take too long, so I called my friend for assistance. Because two little 10 year old girls are capable of lifting this 40 gallon tank. As we got into position to move it, I made sure my right hand had the best grip and my left hand was placed under the corner to help secure the tank. The water only being ¾ full still managed to swish back and forth and pour out of the tank. As we counted down 3, 2, 1, we mustered up all the strength we had in our bodies. We only had to carry it out my bedroom door, to the left, and then out the front door. It would have worked, until the desk underneath suddenly became unstable. There was no going back, with our arms already getting tired we tried to take a few steps, but the desk had other intentions. The hobby lobby desk we had bought over 5 years that came on one wheel, abruptly broke. The cheap wood cracked into three different pieces, and the middle one came out of nowhere. I had wondered why the tank was instantly getting lighter, until my socks became soaked. Along with my entire room, the desk had broken the tank and 40 gallons of water sank into my carpeted room, and down to my basement. Instant panic, fear, regret, and a sense of unknown came over me at once. I began to cry immediately not knowing what was yet to come.

The thought about regret is that in the moment the action that is happening seems acceptable. Most people don’t suspect that after the moment has passed that they are going to regret what they did, and neither did I. I was caught up in the moment, excited about the creative or crazy idea that had wandered into my head. The idea that I let sit there without thinking of the consequences that could follow. Because being a child involves this mindset of being naive, proving the lack of experience and judgment that we are yet to form. Regret isn’t predictable and it happens to everyone, throughout their entire life. The sadness and disappointment is here to stay, no matter if we like it or not.

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