My Career Dream Of Purpose To Becoming A Pediatrician

I really enjoy being with small kids. Some people around me say they don’t like little kids because they start to get annoying after a certain age. However, I assume that is the age where the child starts to gain independence, and more character; starting to get older. 

According to my parents and adults that have known me for long I loved little kids since I was a little child myself. My parents, mostly my mother, have told me this story of me around 6 or 7, holding a cushion behind a baby as he is going up the stairs so I can save him when he falls. I also remember chasing around my friend’s younger sister in fourth grade, who was very shy, and always hid behind her mother. I don’t remember the girl opening up to me even after 2 years, although I wasn’t able to see her anymore because her family moved away. 

In the summer of freshman year, I spent most of my time doing community service at a summer camp, for elementary schoolers with English, as their second language. I decided to volunteer here, because it is a great way to help people out, and spend some of my summer in. My sister volunteered here her freshman year as well, and it is a fun, yet easy way to gain more than 30 hours out of the 40 community service hours I need to graduate. Additionally, most of the kids going to this camp are Japanese, as well as how there are not that many people bilingual in Japanese and English. Therefore I wanted to help those in my community. 

During this camp I spent time translating what the teacher is saying to the kids, and helping them with some of their works. This camp also had snack time, where I got time to play outside with the little kids. We often played tag together, and because all of the kids that used to live near me moved away or I didn’t have enough time to play with them because of my busy schedule, this camp was a great experience for me. 

After this experience at the summer camp, I started to think more about getting a job in the future where I get to spend time with little kids. Some of the jobs that first came up to me was being either a preschool or elementary school teacher. But another thing I learned from this camp, was that I wasn’t that good at teaching, so that got taken off the list. Another idea that came to mind was becoming a pediatrician. I thought this was a pretty good idea, because although it is not easy to become a pediatrician, I can not only spend time with kids but also help them and their families at the same time. 


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