My Experience: How do I Learn Best?

Have you ever thought about how you learn best? For the past 11 months, my learning ways have changed since the virus Covid-19 hit the United States in 2020. Since then, I have discovered how I learn best through online-learning. Through these hard times, I have learned that I am a visual learner; learning best through videos, images, and words! 

Since 2009, I can remember the early signs of a visual learner. I never really ever liked just looking at the teacher and hearing them talk repeatedly about the same thing as they just stood there. As the reading time came around, it was as if someone was handing me a pint of cookie dough ice cream! I loved reading books as a kid; sadly, that love has slowly faded away because of technology. My favorite types of books were always the ones involving facts, biography, and mainly informational. I especially loved to read books like these because they provided pictures; this way, I have an image that would connect with the information I know. I remember going to the library as a kindergartener, and seeing all my friends pick out fairy tale books. And then there was me; reading books about how long snails sleep for.

Although they were not reading what I was, that did not stop my curious little brain from exploring new things. My source of learning would be staying open-minded; this is my "trick" to learning about anything! I love being open-minded and hearing what other people have to say; whether being political or just an opinion. Being open-minded has opened a window in my life that gave me a new perspective on the people I know. I like being open-minded because I get a better understanding of why that person believes that, why they think that's okay and why they don't think I am right. I am more open to see the perspectives of the people who disagree with what I have to say. It can be a very adventurous ride. 

Therefore, when learning with people, I also like to have fun. Most people will think that learning with friends is the worst idea. They tend to focus on the downside effects that will have on your learning experience. Sure, it can lead to distractions, lack of performance within some students, and just not learning at all. What they don't like to look at is the positive. With my friends, I tend to gather more information about what I am doing. With your friend you have a better bond between you guys; you can be honest with one another and not have to worry about judgment. You can also have fun with them! Who doesn't like to have fun with the people that make them laugh daily? I love learning with my friends, I have a better experience and have a better understanding. 

My best learning experiences have come out of their shell in the past 11 months. Ever since the pandemic hit, I have found my learning style. Many of my teachers have assigned informative videos for us to watch while taking notes. This is where my learning ranks skyrockets. In my Anthropology class, my teacher assigned us a documentary about why sex is important to human evolution. I decided to watch the documentary while answering the questions boy did, I learn! Since I was so focused on finding the answers to the questioner, I paid more attention to what the narrator was saying. I think I gathered a little too much though; my parents now hear me constantly telling them about how bonobos are some of the nicest apes in social interactions. One of my worst learning experiences would have to be pre-recorded slide presentations; I am the worst when it comes to those. Recorded slide presentations make me want to take a nap on the spot! I think it's the fact that in the videos they stay on a slide for such a long period, I start to wonder how Pluto feels about not being a planet anymore. Is he sad, mad, does he even know! Because of our current situation, it is one of the only ways teachers can give their students the information they need for class, but boy do I get bored when watching them.

As I continue to grow not only as a person, but as a student, I will take into account my learning style. I am only 16 and still have many more years of school and life ahead of me. As I grow, I might discover a new learning style that fits me as a student and me, as a person in this world.


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