My Exprience of Using Advanced Google Searching Techniques

My Exprience of Using Advanced Google Searching Techniques
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Advanced search is used for obtaining more relevant search results when looking up information on the internet. Using keywords, symbols and operators will help filter out any irrelevant results. Boolean operators such as OR and AND can be used in the keyword search to include or omit search results for particular words. Keyword Operators can also be used to only display results on certain file types, or from a particular area or site. Using a number range followed by a unit of measurement can help find more specific detail, such as 10..20 kg would only display results containing measurements between 10 and 20 kilograms. Filter options can also be used on the search results to narrow the selection down even further, such as date or colour. Only certain search engines have this filter feature. 
The advanced search page in Google allows the use of various advanced operators and keywords together. Using this tool will provide even more precise results compared to other advanced search techniques. For example, I used the Google advanced search page to find the answer to the following question: What is the latest MSRP of the NVIDIA RTX 2080ti in US Dollars? I was able to find the answer by using a combination of operators and specifying certain search criteria to narrow down the search results. I used NVIDIA RTX 2080ti as the important keywords to search within a page. I used the Boolean expression OR to search for the words related to pricing, MSRP, Price, RRP. Then I selected a number range in the relevant currency of $0..$2000. As the currency is Dollars, I then also selected the United States as the region to search. Lastly, I specified the site or domain to search as Upon running the search the answer to the Question was displayed in the first search result listed.
By applying and using the different advanced search techniques to refine searches, the quicker and easier it is to obtain relevant and effective information. Therefore, It will be good practice to use advanced search when looking for online sources to include in assignment research. 

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