My Father Inspires Me Essay Example

If someone were to ask me which family member inspires me the most, it would have to be my father. My father has taught me many lessons in life ever since I was young, but the one that stood above them all was the subject of education. He always told me that if I wanted to be successful, I would have to go to college to make something out of myself. My family is not wealthy. Therefore, my father saved up every single penny he earned from work to buy anything that I needed to succeed. He always encouraged me and still encourages me to go to school, because he knows that the value of education will determine a successful future for me. As a result, I admire him with all my heart. My father has a significant impact on who I am today. He has influenced my life by showing me right from wrong and teaching me valuable lessons that will benefit me overall as a person. 

Growing up, my father never lived in a wealthy household or received things he wanted. He was born in a country that was extremely poor and had almost nothing to offer him. My father's education ended in the 5th grade as my grandparents had no money to fund it. They barely had money to buy groceries, let alone an education for him. My father had to learn about the hardships of work at the age of 8 to help his parents purchase food and clothes for their children. Even with all his hard-worked earnings, he would rather give it to his family than to spend it on himself. He still does that today with the family he has created with my mother, including me, my sister, and my brother. This man has always been a hard worker who genuinely cares about others. My father has 8 siblings that he took care of and cooked for when my grandparents could not. Every day since he was 8 years old my father has had a busy schedule. Starting his day at 6 in the morning, he would feed the cows, take care of his siblings, and work with his father the entire day. By 8 at night, he would finally get home and get some rest. By the sound of that, my father seems like he never took a day off even though he very much deserved it.

With all that challenging work must come a reward. That reward for my father came at the age of 18 when he arrived in the United States. Because his dream is to have a family and enjoy his life in the United States of America. However, the very first day he stepped into the United States, he had to start work right away. He would work for long hours just to be paid a little. As soon as me and my siblings were old enough to understand, he told us that he would pay for all our necessities just to go to college and be somebody. I am trying my hardest to not only pass my classes and graduate college, but to be a good person at heart. My father has bought everything I have needed or wanted, such as clothes, shoes, college textbooks, and even my first car. He refuses to let my family work, including my mother. He told us that we needed to focus on our education and career goals. For my mother, he said it was best for her to stay home and take care of us, and that he would provide everything else. Some people disagree with how my father uses his earnings to “spoil” me and my siblings by giving everything they want. My father's response was that he grew up with nothing, and he never wanted us to feel the way he did when he was a child and growing up with nothing in his hands. He wanted to give his children everything that they needed and wanted, however, humbling them at the same time. 

In conclusion, my father inspires me the most in life. He grew up in a poor family that had little to give. He experienced the true difficulties of hard labor work at an early age and has done nothing but give back to his loved ones. Today, my father has everything he has ever wanted in life: a loving family that cares for him, his own construction company, along with many other things. I hope to be somebody in life one day and make him proud. I want to become as great as my father is and carry on with his teachings when I have a family of my own. I also want to pay back everything he has done for my family; they deserve more than life itself. This will forever be a special goal of mine.


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