My Leadership Experience Essay

The two leadership styles that resonate with me are 1) taking risks and 2) remaining calm under pressure. A leader can take risk by being open and honest with those that they lead. A weakness in taking risks is there is a chance we could open ourselves up and get hurt, betrayed or let down by someone when sharing ideas or goals (Combs, Edmonson & Harris, 2018). This fear of getting hurt by being open is one of the biggest weaknesses to taking risks. However, we cannot fear being vulnerable because while being vulnerable can be perceived as a weakness it can also be seen as a strength to those that you lead. Being open and vulnerable can lead to growth and more trusting environments (Combs, Edmonson & Harris, 2018). A leader who cannot express openness can cause the people they lead to be cautious or even suspicious of the leader, which can result in distrust. If a leader takes risks and is open and honest then those that they lead feel more comfortable being open and sharing information. 

A strength in remaining calm under pressure is that it builds trust with others and helps you be perceived as a trustworthy person. Trust is a critical leadership skill (Combs, Edmonson & Harris, 2018). Having the ability to remain calm under pressure can result in a person being less likely to be stressed or anxious. Leaders who are able to remain calm under pressure are able to focus on the situation at hand with a clear and level mind. A weakness of remaining calm under pressure is having to develop a “poker face” (Combs, Edmonson & Harris, 2018, p.81). It can be hard to not let your facial expressions show what you are feeling especially in intense situations. Remaining calm can be hard to do in stressful situations, but leaders have to remember that if they underreact and stay calm it will help others also remain calm. If a fire alarm goes off during school hours and the teachers choose to not remain calm then the students are likely to not remain calm. However, if the teachers remain calm then it will lead the students and others to also remain calm.  

Scenario Where I Remained Calm Under Pressure That Resulted in a Positive Outcome

Due to the pandemic, we began preparations for our Children’s Christmas Eve service later than usual. This caused us to not have as much time to prepare for the service which involves a puppet show that we decided to write ourselves. Since we created an original puppet show that we decided to have the setting of the play be a zoom call. I was given a task five days before the play to create our zoom background that need to fill our entire stage that is nine and a half feet tall by eighteen feet and 6 inches. In order to make this giant backdrop for the play I had to create images of different rooms to match the script of the play along with replicating what a zoom meeting looks like. This was a big project to get assigned to me at the last minute when I still had my regular time sensitive things to do for work. This cost to print this project was around 500 dollars, so if I messed up on anything then we would have to reprint the project and it would cost more money and waste additional time. During this time, I also was busy with final projects for my two classes I had. 


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