My Leadership Skills Essay Example

My Leadership Skills Essay Example
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📌Published: 16 March 2021

“The world is put back by the death of everyone who has to sacrifice the development of his or her peculiar gifts to conventionality.” Such chilling truth was made known by none other than my role model, Florence Nightingale. This quote reminds me of how severely I stand out from societal expectations, and how okay with that I am.  My laser focus on goals and open mind make me a better leader and person overall. With my approachable personality, positive peer leadership, and other qualifications, I am undoubtedly certain I would make a valued addition to the Rogers Scholars Program.

To begin, I would like to describe my personality so that my leadership capabilities are understood. I feel I have an ability to radiate a sense of comfortable energy with no judgment to better understand and assist the needs of others. For instance, when helping my peers I make it known that I am always in their corner. Additionally, I engage myself in whatever situation (both in and out of the classroom) and take on the most supportive role I, as a leader, can. Furthermore, I partake in a full-time leadership position as the eldest child of seven. This role entails a significant amount of responsibility, dependability, and emotional intelligence.  I find that I adapt quickly and constantly figure out more ways to improve. I’m sure that being everyone’s big sister my whole life has prepared me to be the avid community leader I strive to be today. 

As a leader within my community, I often ponder what impact I have on everyone else. I believe in the type of leadership that transforms your way of thinking and expands your self-image. During the experience in which I developed this perspective, I was tasked with leading a group of peers for geometry. Not only did my group succeed in understanding the difficult concepts but my leadership piqued their interest to a pleasant learning experience. I can only hope I spark a meaningful and measurable change in the people around me. Furthermore, I wish to make those around me more powerful, successful, and comfortable in their skin. When taking on the role of a leader, I want to know what others need, what they care about, and their goals. I want to inspire others to be the best version of themselves. Based on my few and expanding experiences, I’ve learned that leadership should be a mutual accountability. As a leader, I must stay aware of the struggles around me and what developmental opportunities arise. I eagerly welcome any chance to expand my knowledge, development, and success as a leader and a team player. I have so much more I want to accomplish, and I believe that will happen as a Rogers Scholar. 

Finally, why do I think I am qualified for the Rogers Scholars program? As a former Rogers Explorer, I know what to expect. Although it was brief, my time as an explorer helped bring to light many decisions about my future I have to make.  I’ve accomplished many things, ranging from being the captain of the FPS team, varsity track & field player, and All-District Band trumpeter to a nomination for Commonwealth of Kentucky Delegate at the 2021 Congress of Tomorrow's Leaders in Medicine. But what I truly think sets me apart from other applicants is my problem-solving skills, communication skills, and optimistic point of view. Not everyone can always find a solution to a problem under pressure, connect with people on a trustworthy level within the first 15 minutes of meeting them, and always find the good in an unfortunate situation. I’m certain that an honor like the Rogers Scholars program will help me thrive as a leader, a student, and a person. 

I am Leah Mays. I am powerful. I am confident, and I am ready to learn. I will excel as a Roger Scholar because of my approachable personality, positive leadership traits, and other qualifications. It is my mission to always continue my development of skills in leadership, community service, and medicine. I’m confident that the skills I learn will open countless doors. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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