My Personal Experience Of God Essay Example

My Personal Experience Of God Essay Example
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My cup of gladness is most full when I am helping people become more aware of God’s presence in their lives to fulfil their calling. This might happen in the context of leading a traditional worship service, preaching a sermon, mentoring, teaching or facilitating a prayer group. But just as often, encountering God happens in the ordinary, everyday, mundane tasks and activities of life. Becoming aware of God’s presence in our lives is a lifelong exercise in learning to see.

From an early age, when I accepted Christ as Savior, I had a strong sense that my life would be about Jesus. I believe that was God’s first call (small c) on my life—to follow him. As I grew in my faith, there was a growing awareness within that God was Calling (capital C) me into much more. Throughout different seasons in life, I can recall several godly people who affirmed this in me.

At a young age I have felt irresistibly drawn to God. As a child, I was compelled to read my Bible and pray every day—and I did with little or no understanding why or how it should be done. My journey to this revelation was long and filled with great struggles. I recall having dreams from five years, they would speak to the cause of current issues within the family, events to come (all manifested) and a great part of my dreams were related to now known: spiritual warfare.  Surprisingly, I was somehow able to understand their meanings and help other interpret their dreams.  At times, I would speak things and they would come to past. Strong instincts to persons motives: discernment.  As a result of these unexplainable abilities, I struggled with rejection and strong attacks both physically and spiritually from those operating under the Jezebel spirit from many including persons with the body of Christ.  I remember wondering how God intended to use such a variety of seemingly strange and unrelated experiences to direct my path. When things got hard, I mean really hard, I felt disillusioned and disqualified. Little did I realize he was doing much more than leading me to a role or destination. God was (and still is) radically transforming and preparing me to be able to recognize and fulfill what he has called me to.

I recalled attending many services where I would be identified from the congregation and prophesied to in relation to my calling which stood as confirmation to dreams and visions received prior to these meetings. A pivotal point in my life was when I began to recognize that God’s purpose for me was so much more about my identity in Christ rather than what I was happening. Embracing this reality has brought incredible freedom. Don’t get me wrong, this continues to be a process—but one filled with much more joy and less frustration. Now that I am older, and hopefully a bit wiser, I can connect the dots and am often stunned by God’s wisdom, patience and redemptive power.

By the age of twenty-one years, I was convinced that I was called to ministry. It was a Thursday evening, sitting in the backyard conversing with God while admiring the birds flying around and the ants hustling with food to their nest. I recalled hearing the audible voice of God calling me. I looked around, no one was there, I heard it again, I began to denounce the spirit, which was my conclusion of such sound. Then, I heard the voice say, “I am your God, whom you are speaking with, fear not” Fear, immediately disappeared and I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and joy at the same time. He added, “I have chosen you; you are anointed for great work in my kingdom.” I immediately wrote the words down and pondered on them, researching the possible meaning through the scriptures. It did not happen overnight. I began studying the lives of Joseph, David and Moses to name a few as to how they served. 


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