My Personal Values Essay Example

For me, many things come to mind when I think about what my most important personal values are. However, the three that stand apart from the rest are family, honesty, and duty or perseverance. The reason that I prioritized these three personal values is that they were reinforced in my household growing up. My mom and grandma frequently emphasized the importance of being close with the family and being there for each other, this idea has followed me through life as a result. I chose honesty as my second personal value because I grew up thinking that no matter what, I could get through anything by being honest and telling the truth no matter what. My third personal value is perseverance and duty because despite how hard something is to get through, you have to finish what you started.

I value my family, being honest, and persevering against the odds because of the way I grew up. I was always very close with my mom as I grew up, in a sense, I viewed her as a role model and shared a lot of the same perspectives that she did. Hence, she had a big impact on my development and my values. As a result, the top personal values she had, became mine as well and this played a large role in why these were chosen over other things. For example, other important values I hold include friendship, diligence, responsibility, and fairness but these developed as a result of coming to college and getting more involved with my major. As a public policy major, we focus a lot on fair and just policy, hence these values are important to me but do not hold the same overall impact that the others do. In terms of my legacy, the three values I chose act as the rules or standards I choose to live by. When I get anxious or stressed, I often rely on help from my family, it also helps me to remain honest no matter what because I can avoid unnecessary drama or problems. When I am working at my job, I value the honesty of my coworkers and the fact that we all can work together to overcome problems. Hence, perseverance is important to me specifically because everyone has a personal and professional duty to themselves and others around them and I feel you owe it to everyone to follow through.

Being honest, prioritizing family, and perseverance and duty are the three most prominent personal values that I think about daily. These qualities act as rules to live by for me because I adopted them from my mom, and they have aided me in becoming who I am. I greatly value honesty, family, and duty because these are the three things, I feel everyone should follow these every day and other values don’t matter quite as much. Other values like trustworthiness and respect can be filed under my main three personal values as well. 


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