My Philosophy of Life Essay Example

My Philosophy of Life Essay Example
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📌Published: 13 March 2021

My philosophy is to live life while I'm alive and grant others the same privilege. The judgment of others' choices is foolish and unfair because everyone has made a bad or questionable choice, and no one shares the same life experiences. I think as long as the choices you make achieve your happiness and don't harm others, it was a good choice. Happiness is all we can strive to achieve in life, and we should accept our failures with grace. We should always try to take the high road in an argument and love others even through their failures. 

Love and self-respect are good values to live by, with self-love and self-respect we can return the favor to others. We all deserve love, babies get love from their mother or caretaker, mothers and fathers get love from their children, but when there is no love there is almost no reason to live. But you shouldn’t give up because we can always love ourselves and find new people who will love us, and if you believe in a higher power; God will always love us. 

I'm not sure if I believe in a God or any higher power, sometimes I think it's just a social construct we have just decided to believe because without, is there a reason to live if it’s not for God. Or we feel so lost on earth and question too much that doesn't have an answer, an almighty God solves these problems. But whatever you believe, you should follow the path for yourself, and not for anyone else. No matter what household you grew up in, religion and beliefs are there so you can decide how to live. 

I don't like to determine my life on whether a glorified book tells me it's right or wrong. I think my gut instinct will guide me, it's an indescribable feeling and it usually is reliable. I decide what is right or wrong with my previous experiences, my knowledge, society, and what my first instinct is. Sometimes thinking about something too much and doubting your first response can make things more complicated and overwhelming than they should be. I think society has a lot to do with what we determine is bad. The society I grew up in tells me guns are bad, killing is bad, and all violence is bad. But for some people the society they grew up in tells them these are the ways of life and some violence is just survival.

Everyone's philosophy is different and so is their definition of success. The definition of success in the dictionary is ‘ the accomplishment of an aim or purpose’. But without happiness success and achievement means nothing.  You can succeed at many things in life but if none of them bring you joy, was the process to get there worth it? In my future I want to aim to succeed at things that bring me joy and leave behind the things that don't, and if I can't leave them behind change them so they make me happy. Like one of my mottos in life “ if you’re not obsessed with your life, change it”. You are the only person who can change your circumstances, which is why you are the only person you can blame if you are unhappy with them. 

What is my purpose? Maybe I don't have one, maybe I’m just a wandering soul on this planet. But if I could make a tiny difference, I would want to bring positivity and happiness to every room I walk into. Bring a smile to someone's face who hasn't seen the good of people in a while, comfort a lost soul and heal their anxieties for a moment, create a happy memory for someone to look back on. Because that is what I would want from others, someone who is a friendly face or a reliable source of encouragement and advice. Maybe in the future, I will gain a bigger purpose when I have seen more, but for now, being a friend is simple and a good enough purpose for me.

So to conclude my philosophy of life, I want to practice acceptance instead of judgment, learn to love and respect myself before I give love to others, create better environments for my mental health and be happy with my choices, and be reasonably optimistic. My philosophy of life will change over time and that is inevitable and okay. Because I will change over time as well. I think my core values of love and self-respect will stay the same but might evolve when I create new relationships, for example, my future children might come before me in some situations. I made this philosophy like a guide to how I want to live my life, and important things I think I need to remember in life. Because it's very easy to forget that you should judge your actions before you judge others, and failures are an important part of life.  I hope I remember this philosophy when I am older and wiser, and use it to guide me through life

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