My way to Journalism. Narrative Essay Example

My way to Journalism. Narrative Essay Example
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📌Published: 01 April 2021

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Looking back at the past,  I would always see the homeless, but I would have never thought that my family and I would be in a similar situation. Including myself ,  there are eight of us (siblings). My mother  did what she could to take care of my siblings and I. This wasn’t the best neighborhood to live in due to drugs and prostitution being involved. My family was not in the position to take care of anyone since we lived in a one bedroom apartment. My older siblings had other things going on, but my sister was more involved were Theresa. Theresa at the time was in middle school. She did what she could to take care of my brother and I. Ruby couldn’t do as much besides make us food to eat. While mom was off to work, Theresa would take us to our hispanic baby sister in the morning before she would go to school. She lived right across from us. The funny thing is , after a while I started speaking spanish. No one would know what I was saying. Sadly I don’t know as much spanish as I did before, but when I get the chance I think I'll re-learn it. Growing up , I was unique in my own way. ‘’You were just so laid back and quiet’’,says my sister Theresa. I was an introverted and a reserved child ,who was attentive, imaginary and enjoyed reading. I get these traits from my mother. 

Moving forward, as time went by,  the news came about and apparently my mother was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. It is a rapid developing cancer. The breasts become tender, swollen, red and cause extreme amounts of pain. I do not recall much from my child hood, but I was told that my mother did all she could to take care of us for the remainder of her last 6 months. She was on chemotherapy , but it was just making her sicker and she was loosing her hair from it also. August 6th, 2006, was the day my mother passed. Her passing caused dramatic changes within our family. The only things that I could remember was that my brother and I were taken in by our Aunt Edna. At age four I attended Stafford Primary School. From that point on I made amazing friends, teachers and memories. 

I’ve attended Stafford Municipal School District for 14 years straight. My primary and elementary school years were the best. I missed taking naps right after lunch, those were the good old days. Intermediate and Middle school were great years also, and they flew by quickly.  Then I finally made it to highschool and I was excited. One thing that concerned me is that I would not be talking to some people before do to schedule conflicts or the classes I would be taking. Luckily I ended up having a small group of friends so I wasn't worried about it. 

This leads to me playing sports. My Aunt told me that I would be doing sports rather I would like it or not. She said I needed to stay busy and believes that time is valuable and doesn’t want me wasting it doin nothing.  I managed to push through both volleyball and track season and I don’t regret it at all. Playing sports and keeping up with school work taught me all about responsibility and balancing my school work and sports, along with time management.

Eventually time flew by, I went from being a Freshman to being a Junior. My major to aim for , was Journalism, because it can be used to change the world. Journalism is not about reflecting precisely what is happening in society , but finding solutions to today's problems. I want to be a conscientious and effective person who communicates in a way that effectively reaches others through words. With the problems happening today such as police brutality, racism, SARS (Nigerian police force who is committing terrorist acts on it people) the word needs to get out some how. It is a journalist duty to spread awareness and help fix these social issues.  I want to bring my creativity and my magnificent ideas to Harvard.

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