Night Time for Me Essay Example

Night Time for Me Essay Example
📌Category: Experience, Life, Myself
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📌Published: 03 April 2021

I stand in the kitchen and wonder what I will do for the next couple of hours. I could make food, do schoolwork, or watch TV. I make my way towards the pantry and stare at the shelves stocked with snacks, sweets, and pasta. I grab the pasta off the bottom shelf and start to fill up the saucepan with water. As I turn on the sink, I feel tense. I am making too much noise. The running water, like gunshots ricocheting off of the saucepan. Thankfully, the water fills up the saucepan and I turn on the stove. I dump a cup of pasta into the saucepan and start a timer. I gaze at the microwave inches away from the stove and read the time. It’s 12:20 A.M, and I’m just starting my daily routine. 

Staying up past midnight has been an easy task for me ever since middle school. Everyone has fallen asleep while I’m awake, filled with energy, and ready to start whatever task it may be. After 10 minutes of waiting and stirring, my pasta has finished. I tip-toe my way towards the computer and start to plan out what I will do for the next hour or two. 

Nighttime is a paradise for me. I can finally feel like myself and have no eyes on me. It's a peaceful place where I can relax and reflect on myself as an individual.

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