Nike Commercial Analysis

This Nike commercial begins with a young boy skateboarding through his neighborhood near a basketball court. The older men who are playing basketball ask the boy to join their team by asking, “we’re short a guy, want to run?”. The boy puts on his Nike apparel for basketball: a shirt, pants, and running shoes. The boy progresses to playing six more sports, putting on the specific Nike apparel for each sport. There are a total of seven different sports shown throughout the entirety of the clip. This advertisement exclusively showcases basketball, track, baseball, volleyball, lacrosse, soccer, and rugby. The athletes involved in each sport are consistently moving to keep the viewer engaged. The athletes also play each sport in a professional environment. During each sport, the camera showcases the Nike symbol shown on the clothing in each clip.  While Nike unites the world via sportswear, they promote teamwork by promoting diversity, using professional athletes to promote the company, and letting people know they are using quality-made products. 

As the boy finishes his basketball session, he finds himself in the middle of a marathon. A group of members asks if he is available to run with them since they are short one person. At this moment in the clip, Nike appeals to pathos because of the diverse individuals involved. The individuals involved are from different races such as Black, White, Indian, Hispanic, and Asian. Each of the marathon members is different in height and body shape. The diversity element of this scene promotes a feeling of inclusion toward the viewers. Nike wants to make sure people feel included by helping people identify with the people in the commercial.  During the second clip at the basketball court, the boy appears reluctant to join the team. His contribution to the team made a positive impact on the boy because he felt included. The boy’s smile at the end of the clip leaves the viewer happy, motivated, and energetic, exemplifying Nike’s slogan. Just Do It symbolizes the importance of getting involved and taking new opportunities to have fun and meet new people in the sports world. 

Throughout the clip, a variety of professional athletes make a guest appearance in different sports. During the baseball scene, Mike Trout and Garret Richards are present. While playing volleyball, Misty May-Treanor is present. After volleyball, lacrosse players Miles and Lyle Thompson ask the boy if he wants to join their team. American soccer player Mia Hamm makes a presence after the boy finishes playing lacrosse. After lacrosse, football quarterback Andrew Luck asks the boy to join the football team. Lastly, Basketball player Anthony Davis asks the boy if he would like to join the basketball game. The use of professional athletes is a prime example of appealing to ethos because they establish credibility. Since the viewer sees the professional athletes using Nike, the viewer thinks Nike is good because professional athletes use their products. When the viewer sees an athlete they know, this persuades the viewer to become more inclined to purchase the promoted product. The appeal to logos is also present because the athletes must use Nike branded products to train to help them improve their game.  

The appeal to logos is evident throughout the entirety of this commercial. The consistent use of Nike sportswear in each sport represents the different apparel showcased in each clip. Each sport showcased promotes the sportswear used as the boy is wearing it. This marketing technique Nike uses helps in persuading current players of each sport to buy Nike products. For example, someone who plays soccer may want to buy Nike branded cleats compared to other brands after viewing this commercial. The logical reasoning represented is soccer players buying Nike branded cleats or marathon runners buying Nike branded running shoes. At the end of the commercial, Nike promotes gear up at, telling viewers where they can purchase the products showcased in the commercial Nike wants the viewer to understand that they pay for quality made products able to withstand the harsh contact they endure in sports.  

After I analyzed the Nike commercial, I learned how companies use different strategies to persuade viewers to buy their products using ethos, pathos, and logos. I enjoyed watching how engaging and fast-paced the commercial was. This fast-paced style of advertisement proved to keep my attention throughout the entirety of the commercial. By using effective marketing techniques to buy their products, including professional athletes for promotion, advocating for diversity, and ensuring lifelong quality, Nike manages to appeal to individuals looking to begin or continue their career in the world of sports.  


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