Non-Profit Organizations Essay Example

Non-Profit Organizations Essay Example
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Non-profit organizations are a unique entity employing both paid and unpaid positions. Due to funding, nonprofit organizations strategize ways to attract candidates with incentives. The most powerful tool is their mission. The concept of making a difference in their community Is appealing to candidates and a driving factor for seeking paid and unpaid opportunities. Studies have shown that Non-Profit organizations employ an estimated 9.4 million Americans and another 4.7 million in volunteer labor. It is believed that half of the United States population engages in a form of volunteerism. (Kahnweiler,2011) Recruiting for volunteers is heavily influenced by the mission of the Nonprofit and presents unique ways to fill positions. This may sound challenging, but through partnerships with corporations and universities in the community, success is achievable

Community involvement has been shown to bring great publicity to corporations as well as boosts the morale of their team. This has led to many corporations seeking partnerships with non-profit organizations. These partnerships are equally beneficial to Nonprofit organizations by offering a cost-effective solution for volunteer recruitment. For example, employees for the Walt Disney Company are regularly encouraged to volunteer within the community. Several non-profit organizations, such as Give Kids the World, have developed strong partnerships with Disney and are easily able to reach volunteers this way. Employees are easily able to sign up in groups or individually to volunteer and are often rewarded through their job for doing so. Creating partnerships with large employers in the community can be a huge asset for recruiting volunteers. Recruiting volunteers through corporations has also taken a more creative approach recently. In addition to the standard volunteer days of community services, partnerships can also be established to better fit the volunteers’ skill set.(Donahue, 2020) For example, a non-profit organization working with children could seek a partnership with a gym to gain volunteers to facilitate fitness activities.

Similarly, to how they can connect with corporations to fill volunteer spots, universities in the community can supply a strong pool of candidates for volunteer-based positions. One way they can utilize schools to reach volunteers is to build relationships with the campus Greek life. Most sororities/fraternities need community service to receive funding. (Moore,2017) This presents an opportunity for a non-profit organization to build a relationship within the chapter and recruit volunteers for projects. Additionally, non-profit organizations can take advantage of college students looking to build their resumes and gain relative experience. Promoting work within your organization and supplying exceptional training and experience will attract a large base of students. Recruiting efforts can occur on campus through posting in university career services, posting fliers around campus, and asking professors to allow you to come speak to their class.

The connection to the community and ability to make a difference attracts people to volunteering. Non-profit organizations use this as an advantage to recruit people from various backgrounds. Schools and corporations offer platforms that allow them to easily reach and recruit individuals.

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