Nutrition And Sports Practice Research Paper

Nutrition And Sports Practice Research Paper
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📌Published: 03 April 2021

The question of what a person should eat before or after a workout is always on people’s mind. No matter if they are extremely athletic or not. It depends on how athletic the person is and what they are doing. The reason is that every person is different based on their needs and their workout routines. One of the biggest to do is not to skip Carbs. Carbohydrates, carbs, are the energy for your muscles and it is one of the things that keeps a person going. As a person does more, the more Carbs they are going to need to keep going.

One of the questions that is asked a lot is how soon a person should eat right before a workout or a game. The most important suggestion is to not eat right before a workout or a game. The reason why is that while a person is working out, their stomach is trying to digest their food. That can make it hard for the person to be able to do their best in their workout or game and it can make the person have some stomach pain. The ideal time frame is to eat about one to four hours before their workout. It depends on who the person’s body handles food. A person can mess around with the tines to see what works best but they should not do that on a game day. That can make them not perform that best that they can. 

After a workout, it is best for a person to eat something that has Carbs and protein. For example, a person can eat apples and peanut butter, nuts and raisins, etc. The reason why is that “carbs are the fuel and proteins fix and repair the muscles.”  Protein also makes certain amino acids ready for the muscles to use. Having this in the person’s system is one of the most important things to do after a workout or game. While a person works out, they use glycogen (energy) that is stored in the muscles to keep going through their workout. In order to replace the used energy, a person should try to eat something that will put carbs and protein back in their bodies. It is best to eat before an hour has passed after a workout. One of the things that can be eaten is a “Post- workout recovery smoothie”. This will give a person carbs, proteins, and help them rehydrate.

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