Ode to Dirt” by Sharon Olds Analysis

Ode to Dirt” by Sharon Olds Analysis
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📌Published: 22 June 2022

Do you think that people overlook the importance of dirt and that we should appreciate dirt more than humans do? In the poem “Ode to Dirt” Sharon Olds praises dirt and apologizes for the fact that people overlook its importance in that it really is the main character and not just a side character. In the poem “Ode to Dirt” uses descriptive words and figurative language to help convey his attitude towards dirt.

In “Ode to Dirt” Olds uses descriptive language to help convey her opinion towards dirt. For example, in the seventh and eighth line Olds says “Subtle, various, sensitive.” Another example, is seen in line five, six, and seven where Olds says, “It’s as if I had loved only the stars and not the sky which gave them space in which to shine.” These examples show that the poet respects dirt and that she made a mistake in overlooking dirt. Also the examples show that dirt allows us to see the pretty things like plants and trees, and without dirt we would not be able to see the beautiful things and everything would be dull. You can’t overlook the base of all life on earth because without it the earth would be colorless and dull.

Next, Olds uses figurative language that allows the reader to gain insight about her feelings towards dirt. For example, in lines eight and nine Olds says “you are the skin of our terrain.” Another example is seen in lines nineteen and twenty when Olds says “you who have brought us forth, and fed us, and who at the end will take us in.” These examples show that people come from dirt and that dirt will protect people and provide humans nutrients. In the first example she compares dirt to skin. Skin protects us from harmful things like UV rays and diseases. Also skin will help the body get nutrients from the sun like vitamin D how dirt grows food and produces things that humans eat. Another thing is on line 10 there is a switch from praising the dirt to apologizing and asking for forgiveness. This switch shows that she goes from uplifting to dirt to hoping to be on its good side by sucking up to it.

In conclusion, the use of descriptive language and figurative language allow the reader to better understand her stance on dirt. Dirt is an amazing thing however it should not be praised because it is an inanimate object and will not be forgiving or harsh.

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