Odysseus As An Epic Hero In Homer's The Odyssey

Ever wonder who was the greatest man in all of Greek writings? That man would be Odysseus! According to these reasons Odysseus qualifies as an epic hero. He is perfect with one flaw, a man of great influence, heavily influenced by the gods, and is rescued by the gods. These are all details that fit an epic character and Odysseus fits in all of these reasons.

Odysseus is perfect with one flaw because his pride can get the best of him. In the story we see he makes some bad decisions and puts not only him in danger but also the lives of his men. Another time Odysseus wants to have credit for the monster as even tells Polyphemus his real name. We can see his flaw as how he thinks to much about him and not about others around him. 

As we see in the Trojan War, Odysseus was an influential character for many of his ideas and his deeds. He also went on to influence man with his strong leadership among the war. After this war he returned back home to have influencing stories to spread his great courage.    

Odysseus wouldn’t have accomplished the things he has done if it wasn’t for the gods. For example Odysseus would have been stuck on the island if it was for Hermes saving him. Another example could be how the gods used their powers to help him defeat his enemies. As we see Athena was very strong and used up her powers to help Odysseus throughout the story.

These are the reasons why I think Odysseus is an epic character. He is perfect with one flaw because his pride is not good when it comes to dealing with situations. Han other reason

Why he qualifies as an epic character is because he was an influential character in the story and was able to tell stories to people that made an impact on them. And the final reason that I have listed for Odysseus qualifying is he would not have been the great man he was if it wasn’t for the gods to be helping him along the way. These are the reasons why I think Odysseus is an epic character.


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