On a visit to Washington, D.C. by Chief Joseph

On a visit to Washington, D.C. by Chief Joseph
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On October 5, 1877, the Nez Perce` chief spoke to Washington, D.C. to communicate how he feels about the treatment of his tribe. Chief Joseph tries to cajole the assemblage to side with his movement through the assorted use of devices, including ethos, logos, and pathos. His use of diction and horrific vivid imagery reinforced the way he uses impassioned appeals. Chief Joseph does a good job getting his point across because he uses a lot of pathos and people generally appeal better to pathos.

In his speech, Chief Joseph’s decision of diction grants him to input pathos by engaging the American citizens on how Native Americans are being treated. The commanded remarks to the American citizens make them realize the extremes of the behaviors that have been placed upon Native Americans. Chief Joseph does this by alluding to  what he sees and experiences on a daily basis and how the “good words” of the American Government doesn’t change things.”I have seen the Great Father Chief [President Hayes]; the Next Great Chief [Secretary of the Interior]; the Commissioner Chief; the Law Chief; and many other law chiefs [Congressmen] and they all say they are my friends, and that I shall have justice, but while all their mouths talk right I do not understand why nothing is done for my people.” Chief Joseph means that he has gone to all of the top people in the government and still hasn’t seen a change.  They might be saying that he and his people are protected, but yet, no change He is trying to change the way of the nation in the present time and through to the future. Chief Joseph bespoke the crowd by using words and phrases like “now”, “my people”, and “good words."

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