One Of Us. Narrative Essay Sample

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  • Published: 16 March 2021
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One Of Us. Narrative Essay Sample 

The room went dark. Three gunshots rang out. As people shrieked in terror the lights flickered back on revealing Mr. Cohen's body lying on the floor. 

Mr. Cohen was a wealthy man. He was attending a business meeting at the Madh-Marve resort in central Mumbai. The Madh-Marve resort was the most exquisite resort in Mumbai, It only stayed the finest of guests.

Mr. Cohen headed down to the dining room and awaited the arrival of his colleagues. As he waited, one by one they all arrived and sat down. Once they were all present he began, “Thank you all for being here. Now, as you may know, recently, I have been taking notice of all the....” Mr.Cohen suddenly remembered that he had to be careful with his words as there were other guests dining too. Mr. Cohen began again “of all that you have contributed to this company, this information has gone towards my decision of who I will be hiring to take my place as I will be stepping down.” Everyone sat up straighter and listened intently. “After a lot of thought, I have chosen...” Suddenly the room went dark. Three gunshots rang out. As people shrieked in terror. The lights flickered back on revealing Mr.Cohen's body lying on the floor. Mr. Cohen’s assistant, who was seated next to him, rushed to the floor by Mr. Cohen’s side while the others stayed seated looking around the table, each thinking the same thing, this was done by one of us. 



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