Opportunities for Growth in Graphic Design

Opportunities for Growth in Graphic Design
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📌Published: 28 March 2021

To all Graphic Designers:

I wish to inform all of you that SeeMoji’s goal is to grow our business by hiring these animation specialists. Current employees, which also includes Graphic Designers are not in danger of losing their jobs.

The world of animation is growing rapidly; according to Graphics Magazine in two years they predict animation will completely overshadow graphics. Luckily, Graphic Designers are devoting time to learn the new hardware and software purchased by the company so that they may acquire these new skills in animation.

To those Graphic Designers seeking additional opportunities to develop their skills in animation the Animation Skills Institute is offering online classes at $800 per class. Moreover, SeeMoji will pay 80% of the tuition costs. If designers pass all eight classes, they will receive an animation specialists’ certificate. These classes are not required of designers, but those who are interested must complete the courses outside of work hours.

Graphic Designers interested in attending these classes should email Greg Glass at: [email protected] for information on class schedules, and forms for partial reimbursement. Here at SeeMoji, we appreciate all our employees staying with us during these changes. The contributions of everyone here at SeeMoji are immeasurable; moreover, the company hopes to retain current employees even as the business continues to grow.


Alejandro LaForest 

SeeMoji Team

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