Parent and Same-sex Parents Essay Example

Parent and Same-sex Parents Essay Example
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📌Published: 16 March 2021

Traditional families are not better than non-traditional families because heterosexuals are not the only ones who could raise a child. This is discriminating against same sex couples and not giving them an opportunity to raise a child. Society should mostly worry about having a child in a loving family, then worrying about if their parents are heterosexuals or same sex couples.

In the Natural Family: A Manifesto stated that, “…through marriage for the purposes of sharing love and joy, propagating children, providing their moral education, building a vital home economy offering security in times of trouble, and binding the generation (The Natural. et al., 2015, pg.27.) Which it concludes only heterosexuals are the only ones who could raise a child; however, heterosexuals are not the only ones capable of only providing what a child needs. Same sex couples are capable to provide the love, happiness, security, and education a child needs to succeed in life. Good confirms, “in other words children of same-sex couples share a common peer and school environment with children of heterosexual couples” (Nontraditional Families. et al., 2012, pg.32.) If a child has an opportunity to be in a non-traditional family, it should be taken into consideration for the child’s future.

Another problem in the Manifesto I did not agree with, being in a traditional family it guarantees a child to have a stable economic life. Yet, the same-sex couples are more profoundly to make the same or more income than traditional families. “While gay and lesbian cohabiters had relatively high household incomes…” (Nontraditional Families. et al., 2012, pg.35.) Both should be given an equal opportunity to adopt a child, but heterosexuals have a higher advantage of proceeding the process. It is not fair that same-sex couples have a longer process and it cost more money to adopt a child. “Despite the fact that the cost of becoming parents may be higher for gays and lesbians than heterosexual couples…” (Nontraditional Families. et al., 2012, pg.35.) They should be given more laws for their process to be less complicated, and give a higher opportunity for children to have a family.

The focus should be finding a stable family for children to live their rest of their childhood. Disregarding if the parent who wants to adopt a child are heterosexuals or same sex-couples. As earlier was said a child needs love, safety, and to be economically stable for them to have a family. Same-sex couples should be given more opportunities to have a family disregarding their beliefs.

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