Passion to live. Argumentative Essay Example

Passion to live. Argumentative Essay Example
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📌Published: 17 March 2021

Life has no significance if you do not have the urge to wake the next morning to see the next day. Life is meaningless without witnessing a new inspiration to continue. Life is empty without overlooking your existence in the world. Now, the question is, What makes life significant?

A lot of answers can be cited by asking the question. Just thinking of all the reasons for being alive is enough to determine that you have a significant life. Living a happy life is already satisfying. Living life to the fullest is worth it in one’s life. Just by simply living comfortably is already a reason. But how about those who are facing misfortunes? Are their lives still worth it?

Everyone lives to find purpose in their lives, it's what makes them move forward and continue. Without purpose and meaning in life, there’s no point in living. Without the passion to live is nothing but just a waste of soul. Everything happens for a reason as they say. Life doesn’t go the way everybody wants it because it has a reason. Life is hard already, there’s no easy way out, either live with it or die without enjoying the wonders that await you.

Life is significant in every aspect. Everything you experience or surrounding you can be your motivation to live. Life is important, you stumble, you fall, you do not give up, rather, you cry, you stand up, and continue to live. Learning from every obstacle you encounter is life. Existence has a purpose, misfortune has a reason. The purpose is to live, the reason is to learn and get better.

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