Patience Is a Virtue Essay Example

Patience Is a Virtue Essay Example
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đź“ŚPublished: 21 April 2021

“Patience is a virtue”, a saying that has completely changed my view in life. Living your life with patience is one that everyone must practice because in reality, life is full of delays and challenges. Everything takes time and only those who are patient enough will be able to achieve what they desire in life. 

Back then, I don’t really cultivate the practice of patience in my life, I always want things around me to happen at my desired pace but as I continue to grow up and experience various events in my life, I gradually learned how to be patient in life and learned that everything takes time. I’ve come to realize that rushing things won’t do me any good. Being patient is not an easy practice but cultivating it in my life will lead me to the path that God has planned and prepared for me. As I continue to practice patience in my life, my perspective in life also gradually changed in a good way. Being patient taught me that the only thing I am in control with in this world is myself and having patient towards everything gave me the strength and determination to face life’s never – ending delays, changes, and challenges in a better way. Practicing patience to myself is a way of showing that I value and love me, being patient toward others is an expression that I also care for them, for I know that people around me are also continuously growing and cultivating patience in life will give me the utmost overall life experience. 

Patience is a lifelong spiritual practice and is also the key to emotional freedom. Having patience free you from the undesirable feelings and it helps you in redeeming yourself. It gives us the freeing breath we’ve always yearned to take. God has always been patient to us and we must also be towards ourselves and to life. God let us face delays but we should always trust in His timing and remember, “good things come to those who wait”.

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