Personal Narrative Essay: Breaking The Rules

Personal Narrative Essay: Breaking The Rules
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📌Published: 02 May 2021

Sometimes it's ok to break the rule. Like when I really needed some clothes, and my mom said no but i still got them anyways. Like when katniss was not supposed to go into the forest, but she had to because her family needed food. A Lot of people break the rules and sometimes it’s ok only for good reasons like if someone got their phones taken up, but no one was home and they needed to call their parents to get a hold of them.

Sometimes it's not ok to break the rules like taking things to school and stealing things those are rules you shouldn't break. Some people break the rules like speeding the police will pull you over and give you a ticket. The book thank you ma’am is a good example because the boy needed some shoes and so he tried to take the lady's purse and she helped him out, but he had to do stuff to help her.

Sometimes I break the rules, but only for good reasons. One time I caught a kid stealing, and I asked him why he was stealing, and he said because he was hungry, so I gave him some money so he could pay for it. 

In conclusion, breaking the rules is not always bad. Like if something bad happens and you need your phone, but you are grounded then how are you going to call them. 

One day I was babysitting and my baby sister called the cops and she didn't know what she was doing and she left it on there and the police came to our house and they asked how old I was then they told me to call my mom and she didn't answer so the cops called her and she answer so the cops told her what was going on and she rushed to the house and then they told her that she has to power off her phone and power it back on than the cops left.

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