Personal Narrative Essay: Cooking at Home vs. Restaraunts

Personal Narrative Essay: Cooking at Home vs. Restaraunts
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📌Published: 28 April 2021

I prefer to prepare food at home than eating in a restaurant. I feel this way for two reasons which I will explain in the following essay.

To begin with, restaurants can be very expensive especially if you want to eat a good meal. They range between 25 and 50 euros while cooking at home rarely costs more than 5 euros. When you go to the restaurant once a week it can cost around 200 euros a month which is a lot if you don’t have a very high monthly income. Cooking at home is a great way to save money that you can use on travelling or many other things. I love to go to restaurants but only occasionally because I don’t want a quarter of my salary going into food.

Furthermore, when you cook at home, you always know for sure what’s in your plate and it’s easier if you’re vegetarian/vegan or want to buy organic a local food. Eating vegan or organic in restaurants is possible but often quite hard to find and expensive. “Organic” is also a very flexible term and in restaurants it’s hard to know if it’s really organic or some broad appellation that doesn’t really change a lot. Therefore, cooking at home gives better control over the origination of our foods.

Finally, I prefer the atmosphere at home. I find it to be more cosy and less stressful. Restaurants often are really noisy, and it can be really annoying, not to mention the time you spend waiting for your order to be taken and your meal to arrive which can take hours.

In conclusion, I prefer to prepare food at home rather than eat at a restaurant. This is because it is less expensive, you have more control over the origin of your food and it is less noisy.

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