Personal Narrative Essay: Fishing and Camping Trip

So me and my 3 friends decide to take a trip up to Alberta Canada for 2-week fishing/camping trip their names are L., D., T..

We all live in the same town of Fargo North Dakota. L. loves to fish, hunt, and go camping. T. loves to fish, hunt, and go camping. D. loves to hunt and go camping. So us 3 all decide to go up north to Alberta Canada to take a fishing and camping trip. We plan the trip and we leave in 2 days on July 15 to drive up to Alberta to get the trip started. It is a 20-hour drive without stopping we are going to lake newell to fish and camp. In the next 2 days, we have to pack and hit the road. We are leaving for the trip we are all packed and, L., T., and D. are all ready to go. We just got into Montana we are halfway there.

We finally got here we are in wabamun city at a hotel for the night before we go out fishing on wabamun lake. We rented an 18ft bass boat to get around the lake and we brought all our own fishing stuff. So the morning comes we get up at 5 am to get an early start on the fishing we get our boat and drive to the boat lunch and we get our boat in the water. We load up the boat and we are about to start fishing. We catch 5 big basses for the day and thats it so we head back in and go to bed at the hotel for the night. It’s morning time and we are gonna go and find a good camping spot and spend a couple of days camping.

So we head out to some state parks and start walking around for a camping spot. Me and L. go one way to try to find a spot and T. and D. go another way and we are gonna meet up in a bit. So me and L. find our spot where we are gonna camp and T. and D. find their spot not too far from our area like 50 yards so we are by a creek so we can boil water to drink and cook with. There is also a lake not to far that we can go fishing at for food but if we don’t have luck we brought extra food just in case. We also brought guns to go hunting for grouse, ducks and other animals. We make a fire for the night and we are just gonna make some soup that we brought in then go to bed.

It is moring time and it is around 6 am we want to get a good start on the hunting so me and L. go one way and T. and D. go the other way we are looking for grouse squirrels pheasant anything that is in season. Me and L. see a grouse so L. shoots at it and kills it so we go grab it. We were putting the bird in our vest when we realized that we didn’t bring any extra shotgun ammo with us and we didn’t know what way we came from. We also don’t have cell phones with us on our camping trip. So we start to try to find our way back but we don’t have any luck so we take a break to catch our breath and think of a plan. As we are taking a break we hear a faint gunshot and we think it was T. and pancake so we start heading that way.  We were walking and L. fell and that is very dangerous because he was carrying a gun but luckily nothing happened but his ankle is really hurt and he might have broken it because he can’t walk on it.


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