Personal Narrative Essay: Goals I Wish to Achieve

There are many goals that I wish to achieve and while I do have a plan/path that I wish to follow as best as possible, life's a rollercoaster. I’ve always wanted to become a mechanical engineer and being able to earn my associates degree in engineering while still being in high school would not only be an outstanding opportunity, but it would also help guide me to the path I’m striving for. Engineering has always been something I’ve loved since a young child, but what interested me the most was mechanical engineering. There was just something about the way that you could make something big just from a tiny object.

One of my educational goals would be being able to maintain my GPA as high as possible, which would require hard work and a lot of dedication , but I know that I’m going to be able to achieve it. Passing my classes is also one of my goals, it's very vital to pass in order to obtain my degree. Managing my classes really well is a goal of mine as well.  Most of my short term goals involve passing my classes and being committed to them while some of my long term goals require more complexity than that. 

Completing this program would not only prepare me for my future, but it would also guide me to the right path. I would be able to expand my knowledge in a field of study in which I’m very passionate about and it would also give me an opportunity in which many people aren’t motivated to take advantage of. Some of my long term goals include being able to enter and graduate from university and continuing my educational goals such as getting my bachelors degree in mechanical engineering. 

My career goals would be to increase my knowledge in the field of study that I’m interested in, as well as becoming an expert as much as I possibly can in my career. Overall feeling comfortable with my career would be ideal. Knowing that I’ve achieved a lot in my field of study would be sensational and very meaningful. Engineering is an amazing field of study and something that is very significant to me and just being able to learn as much as possible from it would be such an amazing experience. 

In conclusion achieving both my short and long term educational goals is very vital to me and I believe that with the right guidance and perseverance I’m going to be able to achieve them. Time management is something that’s also very important in order to achieve many of the goals that I want to complete.


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