Personal Narrative Essay: The Best Time To Study

Many people get up really early to study because it helps them concentrate better. In my opinion studying at night is easier. I will explain the reasons why I feel this way in the following essay. 

To begin with, it’s easier to focus at night because you have fewer distractions. There are fewer noises and nothing really going on outside except if you live in a neighbourhood with a lot of night life. I always find it easier to focus at night because I don’t have anything else to do. In the mornings I always want to start my day and therefore I can’t concentrate. The fact that at night it’s dark outside also keeps me from looking hours through the window. I also have a hard time putting my phone aside when I study and it can be really distracting. At night most of my friends are sleeping and thus I cannot be distracted by any messages or phone calls.

Furthermore, I always tend to procrastinate. In the morning I feel like I still have a long day of study ahead of me which makes it complicated for me to concentrate because I’m not stressed enough as strange as it may sound. I can’t mostly concentrate more than thirty minutes in the day but last time I had an essay to write for my English class and I started at midnight. I was able to focus for 4 hours without any breaks because I was tired and wanted to sleep but had to finish my homework in order to do so. Being tired and wanted to sleep actually helps me to study better.

In conclusion, I prefer studying at night for two reasons. This is because it is easier to focus because there are fewer distractions and easier to be motivated because you want to sleep.


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