Personal Narrative Essay: The Year of Chaos

Personal Narrative Essay: The Year of Chaos
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đź“ŚPublished: 02 May 2021

Why do I have to wear a mask in public? This disease is harmless, right? No, this disease can cause death and by wearing a mask we are helping to not spread the disease. 

I have learned to wash my hands more and make sure my body is clean. During this pandemic I have gotten to know my family better and create new games around the yard. For example: for Mother’s day we made scrabble letters, we created our own little golf course, and built shelves for the garage. Also, the 19 days we had left of school was very hard to learn. My sports were canceled and I only get to play every so often because another county is red. I owe a huge thanks to the health department for letting us play red counties. 

There was one main skill I learned the most to do a better job of. The skill was to be patient and calm. I had to entertain myself when I was mad because I couldn’t go to the nearest school and shoot basketball or play baseball. When I couldn’t go to the park, I would paint rocks with my baby brother, sit in a kiddy pool, play with water balloons, and set up a sprinkler under the trampoline. If I wasn’t patient I was probably watching TV because I was getting mad I couldn’t focus to do anything. 

At the beginning of Covid, around the middle of May I made a bike ramp. All was going well until I wanted to make it higher after a week of jumping the other ramp. On Memorial Weekend I got my bike out with my brother and 2 neighbor friends. Went down the ramp from a hill and broke both of my arms. This is when being calm and patient was really needed. Patience helped me a lot since I couldn’t do anything. I still broke a few rules by riding my bike and jumping on the trampoline. I wanted to swim so bad but I couldn’t because my casts were not waterproof. I thought of an idea where I would put my casts on an inflatable tube and kick with my feet. I was in casts on my 13th birthday and for 7 weeks. After 5 weeks I got a waterproof cast and it taught me if I was patient good things might happen.

In conclusion, over all the chaos the most important thing was to treat people nice even though I was struggling. Covid has helped me to be a better person because I am more patient with others and myself. It taught me others might not have as much as I do, so I should be kind because I don’t know what they might be going through. I shouldn’t be mad about Covid, I should be grateful for the parents I have and be thankful for everything.” Happiness isn’t getting what you want, it is wanting what you got,” Garth Brooks.

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