Personal Narrative Essay: Who Am I Behind The Screen?

Personal Narrative Essay: Who Am I Behind The Screen?
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📌Published: 21 April 2021

I am my true self on social media because the pictures I post, stories I share, and posts I interact with. Through my social media I am my true self by the interactions I get by with my classmates and coworkers. I am my true self through my social media with the feeling when someone reaches out about a post I posted, words of encouragement that they needed to hear when they stumbled upon my profile. I am my true self as I try to rain love and happiness onto everyone, I encounter in a days’ worth.

I am a true representation of myself on social media through the pictures I post. Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to be a person remembered for her kind words. I first learned of social media when I was in seventh grade and by this time Instagram was new. Being in middle school the young women I went to school with were mean to each other and always in competition with one another. All the young women wanting to be the “it girl” caused them to be even more snobby to one another eventually starting an account called “the burn book”, where they would post pictures of people mainly the people they were trying to tear down. After “the burn book” profile came to light to the staff and parents it was put to a stop. We never really ever knew who started it in the first place. After the “burn book” era, I realized I did not want to be like these other young women who are tearing each other down every chance they got and for what? For attention from the prepubescent young men in our grade who would eventually forget we even existed. So, after I figured out who I wanted to be and how I wanted to change the way these young women felt after these mean words were spilt to make them feel horrible, I figured why not be the change and post nicely about these young women. To post was one thing but to post and make a positive influence even if it was to my forty-five followers and ten likes I had, I knew some-how I was making a difference in someone’s life they knew after the harsh words they hear throughout the day I always had something nice and positive to say. In all honestly hope my kind words could have saved one of my classmates’ lives. Middle school was rough for everyone who did not look like a basic Tumblr girl and have the side bangs, that was me I was that girl, and I knew what my fellow classmates went through. I was the strong one who carried the rest. Ever since my middle school experience I have only ever posted positive, motivational pictures.

I am a true representation of myself on social media through the stories I share. Throughout the world around us there are always things going on that do not get casted on the news or maybe the situation was not broadcasted at all and no one knows about it, but everyone knows about the funny virial tik tok video instead. Trying to have a positive outlook on the world around us I often read stories that should have more attention, and something should be done about these things. I often find myself mainly sharing heart breaking stories or motivational quotes to push my fellow classmates to push themselves that extra bit to achieve what they want to in life.

I am a true representation of myself on social media through the posts I interact with. During these times we all need a little something more. With that being said if I see a video or picture that I think may perhaps give someone a little laugh or smile throughout the day I will share it. I chose to interact with only positive influencers. The posts I chose to interact with are a reflection of myself and how I view things. 

Although many may not agree with me that I am my true self on social media I am the most positive I can be for those around me who are fighting harder battles than I am and might need that little boost to wake up the next morning. To all of the people who are not themselves on social media I encourage them to be themselves even if they are not happy and positive all the time because life has curve balls, and they will throw them when we least expect it. Keep on pushing and remember the positive, happy person does not always have to be that happy positive person.

Remember! This is just a sample.

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