Personal Opinion Essay: Homework Should be Banned

Personal Opinion Essay: Homework Should be Banned
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📌Published: 05 April 2021

Homework is a thing that some people like and some people hate.  Some people even get judged for liking such things.  Homework can be a benefit to kids or an unnecessary obstacle that students have to face everyday.  People who typically like homework say that is a good way to conclude a day and to study for a test.  People who don’t like homework say that 6-7 hours is enough and we shouldn’t have to do any more work.  Homework should be banned.  

Diving into the first topic, homework doesn’t actually have an impact on performance.  The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development ran an experiment to see if homework had any effect.  The test proved that it had no effect on kids so the “It makes kids smarter” argument wouldn’t work.  Homework actually gives kids a lot more stress than we think.  Since it doesn’t improve a students test scores, doesn’t it make it worse for students?  Homework isn’t necessary especially if it doesn’t improve a students intelligence.  For instance, wouldn’t you want to know a student's perspective from a student?  For example, homework doesn’t help me.  When I decide to study on my own it improves my test scores because it’s more flexible and I don’t have to learn the way my teachers teach me.  I get to learn it in any way I want and maybe even learn new methods.  It’s also nice when someone helps me and homework doesn’t allow someone to help you especially since new ways of learning math have come and some parents might not know how to do the problems.  Concluding this paragraph is how tiring homework really is  In conclusion, Homework doesn’t really help with tests.  The choice of studying improves it more and helps different people.  

Something else that supports my claim is how if we get rid of homework it might reduce burnout issues.  Many kids are stressed out from homework which can lead to anxiety. explains how 25% of teachers have seen this with their students.  Kids will typically burnout with this much homework and become really tired.  I can also relate how doing homework for me usually makes me tired very quickly and not want to do anything else.  If I have to clean something or work in a way after doing homework, I usually will dread doing it because homework drains my energy and I’m sure it also does to others.  Similarly, I also agree with this too.  Homework makes me stress out and burnout very easily.  WIth homework, it’s not 6-7 hours of school it's more like 9 because of the extra homework.  How are you supposed to deal with 9 hours of work everyday?  The fact that it’s 6-16 year olds dealing with this much work on them too is not acceptable.  Concluding this paragraph, we are letting our students burnout and stress out easily from long periods of work.  It is known that homework can help teachers find out a kid’s level in learning and might help know if someone has a learning disability.  When a kid turns in their homework to a teacher.  Teachers will grade it and see what they can help to improve some stuff they have trouble in.  “Banning homework would eliminate 50% of the opportunities to identify potential issues immediately.”

However, if you think about it students still get classwork from teachers.  When the students will turn in the classwork, then the teachers can see what the students need help on and can indicate if the student has a learning disorder.  Tests and quizzes also can also see where the kid’s academic level is at.  Tests and quizzes also can also see where the kid’s academic level is at.  That’s why it’s called a Test because teachers test to see where the student's academic level is at and how they can help.  All in all, this paragraph showed new solutions to an argument said from the other side and how we can fix them so easily.

In Conclusion, homework should be banned.  The evidence I gave proved that arguments from the other side are invalid and can be easily fixed and how homework can be more of a problem than something that is said to help students.  Students burn out easily from homework, they also stress from it.  The evidence also showed that it doesn’t even improve kids' test scores made the claim stronger.  Why would you want students to stress out over something that won’t improve their intelligence?

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