Personal Statement Essay: My Interest In Psychology

Personal Statement Essay: My Interest In Psychology
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📌Published: 10 April 2021

From a young age, I have always been fascinated about computers and how they work. It was my father who first introduced me to the world of technology by gifting me my own personal computer. This helped to feed my curiosities and deepen my interest in the 'forever evolving' subject.

This interest has since stayed with me throughout my life and only grew with each new discovery. To learn that computers the size of a hand were once the size of an entire room was astonishing. It filled my wonderous mind with endless ideas of goals and next steps for the industry.

The A-Levels I chose to study have benefitted me both personally and my understanding of the subjects. Psychology has given me the knowledge of why humans work the way that they do. IT has given me a greater insight into the business aspects of the computer industry. And Computing has given me the skills needed to use and program computers to fulfil mine and others' needs.

My interest in computers has not been confined to the classroom and college life. While studying at school, it has been my effort to attend many technology related groups, once a week, to turn my knowledge into wisdom. This has also helped to increased my communication skills significantly as I can confidently express my opinions to others. I have also attended work experience that is centred around computers to understand how businesses operate, and gain a different perspective on how things function.

Picking psychology as one of my subjects contributes to my ability to solve problems as it helps me understand the reasoning behind ideas

I have also personalised my devices to give me the daily news about technological discoveries and changes in business. I frequently visit websites on the internet about coding, like and, to enhance my skills in Python, HTML, Java etc. and begin to learn C#. Programming is a major factor in my interest of computer science. I find programming indulging because of the ability to construct my ideas and turn them into reality and finding solutions to problems using different methods.

As important studying can be, I understand the need to relax from time to time. My hobbies include regular cycling and playing online video games. Gaming online benefits me because it improves my social and problem solving skills. I am able to communicate to other players and face all kinds of challenges that I may come across. But, I often find myself at computers for long periods of time, so I like to take time away to keep healthy. It enables me to focus and calm my mind from everyday stress. 

I am really looking forward to the challenges that life in University  will bring me, and I will accept any opportunity to study further on the subjects that I am passionate about. I am also fully aware of its demands, but I am sure that my enthusiasm, maturity and strong will-power will make me a successful student.

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