Personal Statement: Family Nurse Practitioner

Personal Statement: Family Nurse Practitioner
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📌Published: 08 April 2021

The clinical specialty area I am interested in pursuing is a Doctorate in Nursing Practitioner- Adult-Gerontology-Primary Care (AGPCNP). My interest is contributed by the increased demand for NPs, patient-centeredness, and my philosophy of care.

My goal in life is to become an NP. I have been thinking about becoming an NP since I received my BSN degree. The projected shortage of PCPs in the coming years has been always my driving reason to become an NP. I want to participate in filling the shortage of PCPs in the U.S and support the future national population demand.    

For more than eight years, I have been providing patient-centered care to older adults age 65 and older. As a nurse working in CHF unit, most of this population is visiting the unit with a form of cardiac disease. As these heart diseases are the leading cause of their mortality and morbidity, I have been striving to achieve high-quality improvement and increase patient safety in these vulnerable populations. To address problems and issues that can prolong their hospital stay, I become a member of different nursing committees using Evidence-Based Practice to translate research findings into clinical practice. My determinations are revolved around older adults to deliver efficient quality of care and prevent post-discharge readmissions. However, due to the pressure of discharging patients sooner in an acute setting, some patients miss their PCPs follow-ups. one of the reasons patients miss their appointments with a PCP is the lack of access to primary care providers. To ensure a safe transition and continuity of care, I would like to improve access to PCPs and NPs by becoming a primary care nurse practitioner.

Moreover, my philosophy of care is my compassion in nursing. The thirst for focusing on patient holistically rather than documentation, the desire to bundle my clinical experiences with the passion to emphasize my patients’ health and well-being, are my other driving concepts to become an NP. NPs are authorized to make a diagnosis, treat and educate about disease prevention and health management to decrease the rate of hospitalization, ED visitations, and urgent surgeries. In primary care settings, NPs are considered to be the first point of care.

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